The term energy healing encompasses many healing techniques, including Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, La Ho Chi, lightbody work, Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light, craniosacral, Feldenkris, and lots of others.

Most energy healing methods share some common traits and, with the best energy healers, some common outcomes.

Common Traits of Energy Healing

  • The client is clothed, with maybe shoes and belt removed.
  • The healer uses a light, gentle touch.
  • The work is not invasive. So you would not expect an energy healer to dig deeply into muscles or tissue.
  • The intensity in this work comes from the energy flowing from a higher Source through the energy healer. Energy healers do not use their own personal energy as the primary healing force, although they usually add their good intentions and love to the Source energy flowing through them.
  • Energy work usually promotes relaxation and a sense of peace. Depending on the client's intention for the session, energy work might bring up painful issues or memories that have been lodged in the energy field or body. So a session might have some moments that aren't exactly peaceful, but a good energy healer will try to bring the client back to a peaceful state before ending the session.
  • Energy healing is an uplifting experience. It often yields a reconnection to Spirit and a return of hope.

Common Traits of Best Energy Healers

The best energy healers share these healing ethics and work methods:

  • Respect the client's wishes and want the client's highest good. For example, they won't push through an energy block just to prove they can produce results. They would only help a client to release a block if it were for the client's highest good in that moment.
  • Hold sacred space and respect their clients' privacy. They do not talk about their clients' healing sessions in public places (like restaurants) , in groups, or in published works unless a particular client has given permission for the work to be made public as a way of helping others.
  • Draw the energy for the healing and the inspiration on what needs to be done from a higher Source – such as God, Christ, the Divine Mother, angels, benevolent guides, and master healers and teachers.
  • Don't make promises or claims they might not be able to keep. The best healers are aware that their role in the healing process might not include the gift of the “big picture.” So they promise only to give whatever the higher Source moves them to give, for whatever healing is for the client's highest good.

When Energy Healing Can Help

When a client has one of the following conditions, energy healing can often work wonders.

  • With exhaustion, burnout and overwork, clients often feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders after an energy healing session.
  • Grief can be lessened and processed easier with energy healing.
  • Chronic physical pain can often be alleviated and sometimes even stopped for a while. Though I have seen it happen, energy healing is usually not able to completely cure the root causes of Chronic Pain. In this case, it's most effective as part of a larger treatment plan that also includes medical treatment and behavior changes.
  • Emotional distress due to “growing pains” can be relieved during energy healing. Often, in the relaxed state of an energy healing session, the client can see the obstacles to growth that have been causing distress and the next steps on the path to a happier life.
  • People who are generally healthy and alert often use energy healing as a way to jump-start a leap in consciousness or a new level of soul growth. They also use energy healing sessions to keep their bodies and energy fields vibrant and healthy. It's great preventive medicine!

Energy healing should not be the first choice in the following circumstances:

  • Broken bones, deep flesh wounds and other traumas should be treated first by medical personnel. They have the best training for minimizing the damage from accidents and getting the client started on the road to healing. An energy healer can help the client heal faster, once a medical doctor has taken the first steps.
  • Life-threatening diseases should also be taken to a medical doctor first. Medical research has made great strides just in the last decade in the battles against Cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening illnesses. As with trauma, energy healers can promote the spiritual connection and relaxation that are so essential to healing, but they usually should not be the first line of defense.
  • People troubled with acute mental illness, such as dissociative disorders or psychopathic disorders should first seek help from a licensed mental health professional. An energy healer can work very effectively with the client's therapist or psychiatrist to help the client return to a peaceful, relaxed state, but energy healers usually do not have the training to give the client all the help he or she needs to function comfortably and feel well.

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