Properties: Stimulant, antiseptic, tonic, expectorant, analgesic, Anticonvulsant, antineuralgic, antirheumatic and astringent.

Uses: Respiratory System: Bay’s antiseptic quality is useful in bronchitis, colds and flu.

Skin: A good tonic for the hair and scalp, Bay stimulates hair growth and also helps to clear dandruff.

Emotion: Bay is slightly euphoric, lifting the spirits. It stimulates imaginative decisions, is distinctive and inspires confidence. Promotes courage in the submissive.

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Color and Odor: Benzoin resinoid is thick and dark golden-brown in color, having a most pleasant aroma resembling Vanilla. It is one of the heavier oils and is an excellent fixative.

Description: The Benzoin tree grows in tropical Asia, where it is also cultivated. The natural gum is collected from deep incisions made in the tree trunk; it hardens on exposure to the air.

Background: Long used in antiquity as an Incense. Known in Europe during the Middle Ages when it was used as a compound tincture for inhalation. It was then called ‘Friar’s Balsam’.

Note: Benzoin is a resinoid and cannot be obtained as a pure Essential Oil. The resinoid is the natural extract from the tree, which is then diluted with a solvent (benzyl alcohol). This makes it easier to pour and handle, as the natural product is very thick and difficult to use.

Properties: Warming, energizing, circulatory stimulant, sedative, decongestant, expectorant, diuretic, carminative.

Uses: Urinary System: Antiseptic property good for cystitis.

Respiratory System: Tonic to the lungs. Effective for colds, flu, bronchitis and asthma, clearing and expelling congested mucus. Also good for coughs, sore throat and loss of voice.

Reproductive System: Excellent for leucorrhoea.

Muscular System: Good for Rheumatism. (wondering if this is good for Fibro as well?!)

Skin: Soothing for conditions where there is redness, irritation and itching, such as cracked skin or chapped hands, chilblains and dermatitis. A good remedy for wounds and sores.

Emotion: Calming and comforting for crisis states involving sadness, loneliness, Depression and Anxiety. Especially good for dispelling anger. In times of great exertion, Benzoin eases emotional exhaustion, is energizing and increases physical strength. The scent of Benzoin stimulates the conscious mind and counteracts indifference. Benzoin is protective against life’s crisis. It also releases past tensions and resentments.

(Read the full essential oil profile for benzoin)


Respiratory: Bay 5 drops Benzoin 4 drops Eucalyptus 3 drops

Skin: Bay 5 drops Cedarwood 5 drops Rosemary 3 drops

Emotion: Bay 5 drops Grapefruit 4 drops Ginger 2 drops

Urinary: Benzoin 7 drops Celery 4 drops Niaouli 2 drops

Muscular: Benzoin 7 drops Marjoram 4 drops Juniper 3 drops

Respiratory: Benzoin 6 drops Eucalyptus 5 drops Thyme 3 drops

Skin: Benzoin 5 drops Myrrh 2 drops Chamomile 2 drops

Reproductive: Benzoin 6 drops Sandalwood 3 d Bergamot 3 drops

Emotion: Benzoin 6 drops Rose 4 drops Clary Sage 2 drops

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