Your body is an intricate machine, and like all high-tech machinery, it needs taken care of. If you put cheap gas in your car, or forget to change the oil on a regular basis, the repair bills will soon let you know that you made some poor choices in car care. It is much the same with us.

Your body is not designed to deal well with the ridiculous amounts of chemicals you are exposed to or the myriad types of synthetic substances that you are ingesting. Diseases are finding ways around medical science and becoming more prevalent than ever. Many people are starting to get involved in holistic treatments and choosing to stay away from some of the standard medical practices and ‘modern conveniences’ of today’s world.

Tuning Up with Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is something that is being used by more and more people every day, and it something that can help you tune up your greatest resource – your body. It is believed that sound frequencies have the ability to transform our bodies and attack disease at all levels. There are many different frequencies of sound, each of which has the ability to bring about positive and negative changes.

Some of the things that sound waves can change are: vitality, emotions, circulation and increased energy levels. Sound therapy is a way to heal your mind, body and spirit without introducing unnatural substances or invasive surgery into your life.

Resonance – And What it Means for Our Health

Two things keep matter organized and they are waveforms and frequencies. If two guitars are tuned exactly the same way and a string on one of them is pinged then the same string on the other guitar will vibrate, as well. This process is known as resonance and it is a completely natural process.

Resonance is a very important principle because it constantly affects us and everything around us. Resonance has the ability to heal us through the use of frequencies. When the right frequency is introduced the energy field that flows through and around us is reset to the way it is supposed to be and we experience harmony.

To put this into relative terms think about when someone near you is really happy. It seems to be contagious because many times you become happy, as well. This is because your energy field has crossed the path of theirs and picked up the positive vibrations from it.

Every cell that is inside of us is part of a musical ensemble. Imagine yourself as the conductor of this orchestra with your main job being to keep everything in harmony. When a cell falls out of harmony your job is to bring it back into harmony rather than expelling it out of the orchestra. This is because every cell is vital to your well being and feeling great really has to do with how well you orchestrate your body.

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between frequencies and the atomic weight of elements. For example, if the musical note C in lower than normal, when you speak or sing, there is a good chance that the levels of zinc are also low. So if you feel like you are low on zinc you could eat food that is high in it and listen to some music, or sounds, that has the note C in it and your body will absorb it much better.

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