When was the last time that you consumed a veggie in its natural form? How about consuming any food that did not have anything sprinkled or poured over it to enhance the flavor? What you really taste might be food additives and some aren't as friendly as you first believed.

In earlier times, foods were kept in boxes or barns that contained large pieces of ice. This preserved them until they were entirely consumed. With the discovery of salt and sugar, these condiments were added to meats to “cure” them so that they'd last longer and not require refrigeration. These were a few of the 1st food additives.

But, even in this case, the food additives were natural. Sugar derives from sugar cane. Salt is found in rock form in oceans and underground.

As science has progressed, food additives that aren't so natural, but created in a laboratory, are being used in foods to do a number of things. 1st, food additives give color. Folks are more likely to consume foods that are bright and look colorful – particularly chips, cakes, cookies and the like.

Food additives give flavor. For frozen foods, flavoring is added so that these meals are pleasing to the palate when they come out of the microwave oven or the oven.

Additives are added for shelf life. Cakes can look great and so may canned and bagged foods when additives keep them fresh in their wrappings for weeks on end.

The Truth about Food Additives

You'll see food additives listed on the ingredient list, largely as initials. They're not spelled out so you do not really discover what they are, but we will here then you know what you're consuming. A lot of these food additives are created with the help of chemicals that you would want to keep away from your families.

* BHA – This is butylated hydroxyanisole. Using it helps foods to remain fresh and keeps fats from molding. Search for it on the labels of chips and other fatty foods.

* MSG – We have been hearing about monosodium glutamate for years. It's a seasoning that preserves food. But it likewise raises blood pressure and may lead to seizures, headaches and strokes. It's been removed from numerous sauces and seasonings but may still be bought by itself as MSG.

* Aspartame – You might know it as the sugar substitute NutraSweet. It can be found in diet beverages and foods that say they're sugar free or low in sugar. You will not see the actual name spelled out, but will see a label that says “sweetened with NutraSweet.” But, this artificial additive has caused tumors in laboratory animals.

* Trans fats – it is likewise known as partially hydrogenated oils. Chemically it is how liquid oils can stay solid at room temperature. These fats have been used to fry fast foods and are also added to processed sweets for longer shelf life.

* Olestra – This is a fat substitute in chips and other snack foods. Consuming too much may lead to cramps and oily stools.

These are just a couple of the more serious food additives to look for the next time you go to the store. If you can not read the ingredients on the label, put it back.

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