Men don't have it so easy in the modern world. They are expected to be a great dad, earn a respectable income and be a nurturing husband.

If you watch TV or read magazines then you are being force fed the idea that men are supposed to handle a supernatural number of tasks all at once.

Chances are you are good at handling a few of the daily stresses that men go through but not all of them. The stress can be overwhelming at times.

Your Reactions to Stress

How do you react when things start to get overwhelming? A lot of men get depressed or irritable when they can't seem to keep up with life's multiple tasks. Like they are inadequate or just plain not good enough.

New studies have shown that depression leads to anger.

Being an angry person is not good for anyone involved. Let's try to figure out how to avoid this nasty cycle before it even starts!

Healthy Ways to Deal With Stress

First of all you have to realize that when things start to bog you down the first thing you must do is take one giant step back and assess the situation. If you keep on trucking ahead then you will most definitely fall off the edge and do something you will regret.

Something that can help a lot is getting into some kind of stress management workshop or online course. In the modern world it is almost a necessity.

I have a daily meditation that can help you manage stress more effectively. Read this a couple of times then try it for yourself:

Sit down in a comfortable chair or on a couple of pillows with your back flat against the wall. Be sure you are sitting up perfectly straight. Close your eyes. Begin breathing deeply and in your mind's eye picture a glowing circle in front of you.

The circle begins to get larger and then becomes flat. Now it is just a circular path. Picture yourself walking along this path and eventually breaking into a steady run. You are running in circles and not getting anywhere at all.

You are becoming frustrated because you are not getting anywhere, simply running circles. What is the point of all this!? You come to a halt and glance backwards. Wait a second there is no point at all since you are on a circular path.

As you look around you notice what you have been missing. The landscape is beautiful! There are tall pine trees and a crystal clear lake in the center of the path. The sun is retreating behind the distant mountains coloring the sky a beautiful shade or red's and yellows.

Begin walking very slowly. Let your imagination flow. With each step you take a new spectacular view unfolds right in front of you. Waterfalls, mountains and fields of lush vegetation. All of a sudden the golden circle completely falls apart and you are left with nothing but spectacular journeys.

You can do this for as long as you like but make sure it lasts at least 10 minutes. 20 minutes is ideal once you have been doing it for awhile. Try this meditation everyday and you will conquer your stress once and for all.

Using Herbs to Calm Tension, Anxiety, Panic and Stress

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