During the wintertime, dry indoor heat and low humidity outside can combine to cause itchy, dry skin.

Merely putting lotion on your skin Is not adequate. As a matter of fact, depending on the ingredients of the lotion, it may really be making your dry skin worse.

To take care of your family's skin this winter, seek some natural approaches that operate inwardly and outwardly.

Here are a few tips:

* Cut back on soap. Many of us lather up and scour in a hot shower or bath without genuinely thinking about it. But your skin doesn't require scrubbing with harsh soap on a daily basis. Reserve deodorant soap for important regions of your body, like below your arms and on the sols of your feet. Use a mild cleansing agent on the remainder of your skin.

Soaps that are olive or veggie oil-based are both moisturizing and cleansing. You do not necessarily need to use any soap on your body for a good deal of the week. Simply a light loofa or net sponge in water is frequently sufficient to keep wintertime skin healthy. Apply the mild cleanser on your body once or twice a week.

* Consume healthy fats. You can not expect your skin to be moist if it Is not being nourished on the inside. Flax and fish oils are beneficial for internal moisturizing. Eat nuts, as well, and similar foods high in “beneficial” fats like avocado. Dunk your bread in olive oil or hummus and make salad dressing from safflower, almond, or olive oil for fitter fats.

* Drink water, too. Occasionally we become so engaged hydrating our outsides that we forget about the inside. Skin requires water to be plump and smooth. Make certain to get your six to eight glasses each day, even in the wintertime when you are not necessarily thirsty.

* Humidify your home's air. You are able to accomplish this with a commercial humidifier, but there are additional tips and tricks for raising your home's humidity. You can dry your laundry inside on a line, for example (this used to be labeled “drip-drying”). You can also leave a pot or kettle of heated water on your heater or woodstove (safety permitting), or even simply ajar in the room. It will evaporate and step-up the humidity even if there's no heat source nearby.

* Apply sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil to your skin after a bath or shower. These natural oils are fantastic for the skin, and they're completely natural. Children and even infants can typically put up with sweet almond or coconut oil on their skin.

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