We are at a time of great economic uncertainty and you might be looking to save a dime or two, so let's take a minute to explore some of the many options you might have laying around your house that will make your dog really happy to have as a toy.

This way you can save some of your hard earned money and not have to spend it at the pet store on dog toys!

Let's talk safety first…

I will also mention several things that could potentially be dangerous to your dog if not monitored; just like any pet toy some of these can end up hurting your canine companion. Any homemade toy, or one from the pet store, can become dangerous if your dog is able to swallow small pieces of it, puncture it or swallow it.

Any time that you give your dog a new toy, whether bought at the store or homemade, you should watch them carefully to make sure they do not try and eat it. Ingesting any toy can be extremely dangerous to your dog because it can become an obstruction in their GI tract.

Every dog deserves a little fun and excitement in their life. Make sure that they have plenty of entertainment and they will likely be less destructive and more loyal to you.

Some inexpensive and easy to find (or make) dog toys

Many kennels take advantage of empty plastic water bottles as dog toys. Give one to your pup and watch him/her toss it around to themselves and chew on it a bit. Make sure that you are careful and no sharp edges develop; also they should be replaced often.

The Sock ‘n’ Ball. You will need a sturdy sock and an old tennis ball. Place the ball inside the sock to the toe-end, and then tie a knot just above the ball to seal it inside. Probably the cheapest, easiest, and handiest DIY pet toy you can make.

Flashlights and laser pointers make great dog toys for some nighttime fun and games. Shine one of them on the ground and allow them to chase it around. By the way, this can be almost as much fun for you as it is for them!

A Fun Fleece Braid If you have some leftover fleece from another project or have an old blanket ready to be used for rags, this toy is quick and easy to make, and is especially good for kids to make. Cut fleece into three strips, tie the ends into a knot, then braid the fleece pieces together. Tie off the other ends, and you have a fast and fun dog toy.

The Snack Sock. You will need 2 sturdy socks and some small dog treats. Place the snacks inside one sock and then ball it up (the usual way you do when you put socks in a drawer). Then, put it inside another sock and tie a knot in the sock to seal it inside. Your pup will smell the snacks inside and love the challenge of getting them out.

Most people have a frisbee laying around somewhere in their house. Grab one and teach your dog to play fetch with it. This can be so much fun!

If your child has grown out of their stuffed animals, then pass them down to your dog. Make sure that you remove any parts that might be dangerous such as plastic eyes, tails and ears.

Some old rope can be turned into a great toy. Tie one, or several, together into a really secure knot. You really need to be sure that is is well tied and cannot be unraveled because otherwise it could be very dangerous to them.

Milk-Bottle Madness. You will need 1 plastic milk bottle and dog treats that will fit inside the milk bottle. Remove the plastic cap and throw it away. Put a dozen or so treats inside and then give it to the dog. Your pooch will bite and scratch and throw around that bottle until the last treat has fallen out, which could take hours.

Add Sound to Toys. To make a toy that makes sounds, but is a bit safer than squeakers, put some dry beans in a clean prescription bottle with a child-proof lid. Place the bottle inside homemade stuffed toys or in an old, clean sock for a fun toy that will attract those dogs who like a bit of noise out of their prey.

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