Skin tags can be irritating and most people consider them unattractive, especially when they seem to pop up on your face.  Unfortunately, making frequent trips to the doctor's office to get them removed can be just as irritating and definitely more expensive.

Thankfully there are a few different ways to remove them at home once you are sure that what you are removing is a skin tag.  It is important that the first couple of times you develop skin tags you confirm this diagnosis with your physician.  There may be times when other skin conditions occur that may slightly mimic a skin tag and if you aren't familiar with the condition you may cause yourself more harm than good.

Skin tags grow slowly while others skin growths may grow more quickly.  They are usually small and don't often reach a size that is greater than one half an inch.  They can't appear to be a flap of skin or a small round mass that's attached by a stalk.  The skin you are evaluating should be soft and movable with a color that is similar to the rest of the skin that surrounds it.

There are several methods that you can use in order to remove the skin tags in the comfort of your own home.  The first is to try and herbal extract light Dermasil for skin tags which is used as a topical treatment.  This products reportedly attacks only the tissue of the tag to destroy down without harming other parts of healthy skin.

Another tactic is to use a series thin string, such as dental floss, and tie it around the base of the skin tag for several days until it falls off.  By doing this you are cutting off the blood supply and causing the tissue to die.  Be sure to keep the area clean and once the tag falls off clean it with an antiseptic lotion.

Skin tags can also be removed by using fingernail polish.  Completely cover the tag twice a day and as the fingernail polish starts to dry out the skin to hack will start to shrink and usually disappear within two weeks.  Another way to remove skin tags that uses a similar procedure is the mixture of baking soda and castor oil to his thick paste.  Apply this to the skin tag several times a day and eventually, within two weeks, the skin tag dries up and disappears.

Some individuals find they have better success using over-the-counter products designed for war removal.  These products are usually a weak acid that essentially burns the skin and kills it.  This process is a far preferable to another process which individuals have attempted and that is to simply snip them off.

By using a sharp scissors or Clippers at the end of the stalk closest to the face you may be able to completely snapped the skin tag away.  However this often results in an area which continues to bleed for a significant amount of time.  It is far better for you to use another method of skin tag removal discussed above than to risk the chance of infection from an open wound.

Another noninvasive way of removing skin tags is to use duct tape.  Take a piece of tape that is just big enough to cover the skin tag and leave it takes on it and fully you notice that the tape has started to loosen.  Check to see if the skin tag is actually fallen off.  If it hasn't been repeat the procedure until the tag falls off.  Using duct tape to remove warts can be done in a similar fashion but takes a longer period of time.

Another option is to use vitamin E on a Band-Aid.  Take a vitamin each supplemental capsule and pierce it with a needle.  Squeeze the solution onto a Band-Aid and place the Band-Aid over the skin tag.  Wait for a couple a days and the skin tag should fall off.

A low skin tags are benign they can be unsightly and rather irritating.  Try some of these home remedies to get rid of your skin tags by yourself only after confirming the diagnosis with your physician.  Once you have learned what a skin tag looks like they are fairly simple to identify and therefore remove at home.

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