By Annie Bond, Executive Producer of Care2's Green Living content

A gifted African healer from Ghana gave my fiancÉ Len, who had the Flu, instructions for how to make and use this strong and delicious tea remedy formula. In getting the ingredients I bought out the store's fresh Ginger supply and made enough of this potent tea to last for a few days. I drank some too because it had such a vibrant apple cider/Ginger/Lemon essence that I found irresistibly sweet, tart and spicy (and of course, I didn’t want to get sick either). I never got the virus and Len recovered without lung problems, to which he is prone.


Ginger helps stimulate a therapeutic Sweat. Studies also show that it helps fight against bacterial infections that may develop as a result of the viral infection. Lemon juice does the same thing, warding off secondary bacterial infections and giving a whopping amount of Vitamin C. Apple cider (and apple cider vinegar), is extremely rich in Minerals and has been employed since ancient times for this reason.

Step One

  • One cup of peeled, chopped and minced fresh Ginger
  • 10 cups of water

Step Two

  • Apple cider (1/2 cup per serving)
  • Lemon juice


Peel and mince the Ginger (a food processor makes little work of this job). Simmer the minced Ginger in 10 cups of water for an hour or so. Strain.

When ready to have a serving place 1/2 cup of the strained Ginger water in a pan with 1/2 cup of apple cider and a squirt or two of Lemon juice. Heat and serve.

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