Even before people were becoming more concerned about the environment and “going green,” many dog owners were already using natural remedies for dogs.

Many longtime dog people swear by putting a little apple cider vinegar in their dog’s drinking water, adding some garlic to food to prevent fleas, or using pumpkin for worming.

These and other old-time remedies have been around a long time and are a natural way to treat your dog for many common complaints.

Here are some of the most popular — and time-tested — natural remedies for dogs:

To Get Rid of or Prevent Fleas

Add a little garlic (powder form is fine) or brewer’s yeast to your dog’s food each day.  These additives act as a flea repellent since it’s believed that fleas don’t like the taste of your dog’s blood, or his odor, once he’s taking these preventives.

You can also make your own herbal flea powder by mixing together eucalyptus, rosemary, fennel, rue, wormwood and yellow dock.  Mix thoroughly and massage into your dog’s coat all the way down to the skin.

For your home, sprinkle borax (sold as 20 Mule Team Borax wash detergent) into your carpet and vacuum up a few hours later.  You can also buy diatomaceous earth from your gardening center and sprinkle it in your yard to kill fleas.

Nematodes are another solution to flea problems.


Pumpkin seeds have been used to worm dogs though most people still rely on their vets or over-the-counter wormers.  Pumpkin seeds are not recommended as a treatment for heartworm.

However, pumpkin pulp is very valuable for digestive issues.  Whether your dog has diarrhea or is constipated, a little pumpkin can regulate the digestive tract in many cases.  It gets things moving or slows things down but pumpkin seems to do the trick.  Be sure to feed plain pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling.

Your dog doesn’t need the spices in the pie filling. You can also check out Parasite Dr.


For anemia, feed your dog foods that are high in vitamin B and iron.  A serving of liver once a day will help.

Arthritis and Joint Problems

For arthritic dogs, losing weight will take some of the weight off and reduce pain.  Help your dog continue to get regular exercise.  A soft place to sleep is recommended.  Applying heat also helps.  Some dogs benefit from glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

Bad Breath

If your dog has bad breath check his teeth.  Bad breath is often a sign that your dog has plaque or a rotten tooth.  Your dog may need a tooth pulled or his teeth cleaned.

Cut down on or stop feeding canned food since it can worsen teeth problems.  Brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

Travel Sickness

For carsickness, dogs respond well to ginger cookies, just as children do.  Ginger, honey and the flower essence Rescue Remedy are all helpful for this problem.

A natural product such as Easy Travel can also solve the problem of carsickness.

Hot Spots

For hotspots, shave the hair around the hotspot.  Wash the area with Listerine antiseptic mouthwash.  Apply Gold Bond medicated powder.

Use a mix of baking soda and water to make a paste and apply to insect bites.

If your dog has itchy skin from allergies, soak them in a bath of colloidal oatmeal.

One of the best natural remedies we have found for dog skin allergies and hot spots is Allergy Itch Ease.

Skunk Encounters

If your dog is sprayed by a skunk, don’t despair.  Shampoo him with a mixture of one quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 Tablespoon Dawn dish detergent.  Repeat as necessary.  This WILL get the stink out.

These are just a few proven natural remedies for dogs.  There are many others.  If you talk to experienced dog people they will likely be happy to share others with you.  You probably won’t need to use all of these remedies but it’s good to have this kind of advice when you need it.

Remember that you should always seek out your veterinarian whenever you have any questions about your dog’s care or if your dog has a serious health problem.

Keep Your Pets Healthy, Naturally

Just like us, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by people.

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In many cases, our natural remedies for humans were used with great effect for the pets in the family and, as time went on, we could no longer ignore the need for remedies especially formulated for pets, with pet-friendly doses and remedies which could be easily administered. Out of this was born PetAlive – a range of herbal and homeopathic remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by dogs, cats, horses, and small pets.

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