OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, is a condition in which they suffer from obsessions or fears about specific behaviors and then develop compulsive behaviors to help them compensate for the fear.

For instance, people who have OCD that centers around germs or dirt will fear germs they can't see and develop behaviors to compensate such as compulsive hand washing, bathing or compulsive dishwashing.

For decades people search for natural remedies to medical problems that will both answer the need of the patient and decrease the side effects of taking medications.

There are several natural OCD supplements that have been found to be effective. Some of these aren't the standard supplement but are definitely natural remedies that are helpful.

It wasn't too long ago that many psychologists and psychiatrists believed that OCD was solely a psychological condition which a person suffered if they experienced aggressive or premature potty training. These individuals adapted to the lack of bowel control by overcompensating control over the environment.

Today scientists and researchers know that it has both physical and emotional /mental responses. Researchers have found that some people are born with a predisposition to OCD and others have noted a great improvement in their condition when chemicals in the brains of the sufferers are brought back into normal balance than just behavioral or psychological treatment.

Natural OCD supplements must also address the fact that there are biochemical issues which predispose the person to suffer from the symptoms of OCD. Some of the medications that are approved by the FDA to treat OCD are Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) also known to treat depression.

Since serotonin is a chemical that travels across the nerve synapse and acts as a neurotransmitter nourishing the nervous system to assist in the release of more serotonin.

To achieve some of the same things without medication people can:

  • Quit using caffeine altogether. If the individual is a regular coffee or tea drinker coming off of this drug gradually may decrease the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Bring the cholesterol above 170 because below that number the body doesn/t have the good fat stores to repair the myelin sheaths important in the nervous system.
  • Ensure that the person is getting the minimum requirements of the B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are important in the function of the brain and the chemical releases necessary to be productive.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids will help nourish the nerve sheaths. Since eating fatty fish, such as salmon, isn't feasible each day you can use 1 tbs of Flax seed oil or 2 tbs of milled flax seed.
  • Spirulina capsules 8-10 per day to help nourish the nerves and myelin sheaths.
  • A nervine herbal blend to help treat the nerves. Ask at your health food store for a blend of herbs that contains Valerian but isn't Valerian alone. Take the recommended dose on the bottle for one week and then increase the dose by one pill every four days until dreaming returns. Once dreaming maintain the dose until dreaming consistently. Now drop the pills back by one a day until dreaming stops. Increase the dose to get dreaming and stay on this dose.

Results from this regimen usually begin to appear about 3 months after consistent dreaming has happened. People can be symptom free within 9 months. Continue the regimen for 3 months after symptoms disappear and then it can be discontinued.

Another natural OCD supplement that should be considered with any other regimen is cognitive behavior therapy. This talking therapy will help the individual break the behavioral habits that happen with OCD. Often people with OCD have coexisting problems that include depression and other anxiety disorders as a result of dealing with the social issues around the OCD.

Cognitive behavior therapy will help those with anxiety or depression to relearn behaviors that will help the healing process progress. Natural OCD supplements consist of both behavioral help and herbal remedies that will increase the odds that healing will be successful.

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