Combine and shake well before each use.

  • Rose EO 1 drop
  • Chamomile EO 1 drop
  • Rosewater 3 tablespoons

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Like the morning dew on a rose petal, this aromatic toner protects dry skin and leaves the face feeling silky smooth, and the woman feeling wonder.

Science and Nature Can Improve Your Skin

Age-Defense Active Day Cream for women contains new unique ingredients some of which are not even yet available in the most expensive preparations.

All ingredients are specially chosen for their ability to reverse the visible signs of aging in women's skin. From the first day you use Xtend-Life's Age-Defense Active Day Cream, you will feel the difference … and before long, others will notice the difference.

Your skin will become softer, smoother, healthier and younger-looking after using Age-Defense Active Day Cream!

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