Low energy levels or perpetual tiredness is a common issue for many adults. In most cases, there are no obvious ailments responsible for it. The bulk of the complaints can be traced to the combination of different minor stress factors.

The average adult navigates different stressors every day. It is only natural for the body to become overwhelmed after a while. Positive situations like new marriage or moving homes can add to the stress as much as negatives events like receipt of bad news, relationship breakdown and bereavement.

If you are at the stage where the body finds it difficult to recover from the daily grind effectively, it is time to work on revamping your energy levels.

The first step is to rule out underlying medical conditions. The major medical causes of perpetually low energy levels are: anemia, underactive thyroid glands, heavy menstruation, weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy, change in bowel habits, extreme thirst, sleep apnea and more.

When you have ruled out the possibility of medical conditions being the cause of the low energy levels, the next step is to seek other alternatives. Few alternatives are as healthy as using vitamins. You probably already know the benefits that come with vitamins and minerals consumption but you probably don’t know that they can help you improve dwindling energy levels. A combination of Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine can bring back your more energetic days.


Magnesium in the body helps in protein synthesis, control of glucose in the blood, improvement of muscle and nerve function as well as the regulation of blood pressure. Most importantly, however, it is vital to the energy production process. Its role in helping you stay agile at all times cannot be overemphasized.

Some top benefits of magnesium

  • Increases energy

  • Prevents osteoporosis

  • Prevents constant headaches

  • Vital for heart health

  • Relieves muscle aches

  • Helps with digestion

  • Helps in the fight against Anxiety.


Potassium is a natural mineral and another key nutrient in the quest to improve your energy levels. Your nerves and muscles can’t function effectively with potassium deficiency. This leads to overcompensation by different parts of the body, leading to low energy levels.

Some top benefits of potassium

  • Ensures maintenance of optimal nerve and muscle function

  • Ensures stable blood sugar levels

  • Maintains chemical balance in the brain

  • Prevents muscle cramps

  • Prevents strokes

  • Ensures a healthy nervous system

  • Ensures fluid balance


Iodine is another mineral found in some food. It is important to the body’s metabolism process, hence important in the quest for higher energy levels. Without iodine, the body cannot make thyroid hormones which are important for the development and continued function of the brain.

Some top benefits of potassium

  • Flushes out body toxins that can lead to fatigue

  • Ensures maintenance of energy levels

  • Prevents enlarged thyroids

  • Triggers hormonal activity

  • Prevents some forms of cancer

  • Controls the base metabolism rate of the body

  • Improves the immune system

  • Ensures healthy skin

A combination of these three minerals will go a long way to improve poor energy levels. Magnesium, iodine and potassium are available in small quantities in different food substances. However, it may be best to take properly manufactured supplements for faster and better results”.

Some examples of such foods include pumpkin seeds, raw green veggies, raw cacao, pink salt and unrefined sea salts, wild-caught fish, sea vegetable – kelp/nori/dulse, sprouted nuts/seeds, avocados and sprouted legumes. Others include: Bananas, potatoes (baked with skins still on), prunes, oranges, peaches, tomatoes, raisins, artichokes, avocado, spinach, sweet potato, coconut water and organic yogurts, lima beans, acorn squash, spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds, molasses, cantaloupe, salmon, and chicken.

Uses of Essential Oils to Boost Low Energy

According to Apollen – a data driven organization focused on matching the right customer to the right remedy. “the citrus family of essential oils is known for waking up your mind and body. “

Essential oils are nature's mood chemicals. When you want to feel awake, alive, and energized, turn to peppermint oil. Scientists studied the effects of peppermint oil on athletes. Peppermint oil significantly improved an athlete’s performance in sprint running and other strength based activities. Even grip strength and speed are measurably improved after exposure to the energizing aroma of peppermint oil.

To include peppermint oil in your workout, put a few drops of the essential oil on your bandana or towel before you exercise. It gives you the pep you need to get moving. The intense and beautiful odor will waft over you during your workout. You'll be breathing even more since you will be able to ramp up the intensity of your exercise routine!

Studies show that you can simply smell peppermint essential oil and feel more energized. Essential oils are powerful enough to work directly through your olfactory system, which is your nose. You don't have to stop at peppermint. There are many types of essential oil that can relieve your fatigue and get you moving.

The other essential oils that can bring your energy to life are different than peppermint. Instead of an intense rush of mint, look for lemon and grapefruit oils for more zing in your core. Other oils can bring you different kinds of energy. Ginger oil, for example is warming. Use ginger oil to keep your mind awake for long periods of time as you focus on an important task at work.

Mix and match essential oils to provide the mind-body connection of citrus and the longer endurance energy of ginger. You can find a combination that works for you!

Herbs to Help Fight Fatigue, Boost Energy

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