Toning Tuning Forks

There are several ways to tone your tuning forks:

1. for the softest sound, tap Tuning Forks on a hard muscle such as the thigh near the knee or the firmest part of the palm of your hand
2. for a slightly louder sound, tap Tuning Forks individually or in pairs, or tap on the Tuning Fork Activator
3. for a loud sound, tap gently on your knee cap
4. for the loudest sound, very gently tap two Tuning Forks against each other or tap a single fork on the edge of a hard surface such as a table. Be careful not to nick them.

Ways to use Tuning Forks

Tone a single fork or two forks together to create a harmonic and either hold or move above the body or place stem end on:

  • any tissue of the body such as bones, organs and muscles
  • acupuncture points or meridian energy lines (known as Soundpuncture)
  • reflex zones of feet, hands, ears or head
  • chakras or transition points between chakras, front or back
  • a crystal as you direct the crystal toward the recipient
  • any vessel containing flower essences, gem elixers, homeopathics, purified water, or any vibrational remedy
  • planetary acupuncture points at various locations on planet Earth
  • sweep through the subtle layers of energy field
  • stroke meridians
  • when toning two forks together, you can use to balance left/right, top/bottom, or front/back of the body
  • move through a room to fill a space with a particular frequency
  • move all around a person to clear discordant energies and fill their aura with a particular frequency

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