Items Needed:

Note: Add any other spices that you like the smell of. Mix in the proportions that you desire.


Rinse pinecones under running water. Lay the pinecones on an old cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees until the pinecones open up (this not only kills any little beasties that may be residing within the pinecones, but also melts the sap resulting in a pretty glaze).

Spread pinecones out on layers of newspapers and set aside to dry completely, then use the foam brush to apply the glue to the pinecones.

Mix the spices in a bowl using a wire Wisk. Roll the pinecones in the spice or add the spices to a baggie; add the pinecones one at a time and shake to coat (like shake-n-bake)

When coated, allow to dry thoroughly.

Use these wonderfully scented pinecones in gift baskets, as ornaments, on wreaths, or placed in bowls to add a wonderful scent to a room.

If, after storing, you need to refresh the scent of the pinecones just stick them in a microwave until the smell is revived.

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