Diarrhea may be caused by a whole range of conditions which generally fall into the three categories of food-related, nerve-related, and viral-related. In all cases, drink large quantities of water.

Use oils appropriate to your condition:

Diarrhea Caused by Food

Diarrhea Caused by Nerves

Viral Diarrhea

Use one of the recipes above, dilute in 1 teaspoon Massage Oil, and massage over the whole of the abdomen area to help relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

Make a drink by adding 1 drop of the relevant essential oil to a teaspoon of honey and diluting it in a glass of warm water. Sip slowly.

Food Related: Peppermint
Nerve Related: Peppermint
Viral Related: Eucalyptus

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Massage well into the affected area:

Dilute above recipe in 1 teaspoon of Massage Oil.

It is helpful to apply this massage oil mixture after a cabbage compress has been applied. Iron a large outer leaf form a cabbage to release the Vitamins and enzymes and apply while still hot to the area.

Leave for 15 minutes. Also use the combination of essential oils above undiluted in hot baths- 4 drops per bath.

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These recipes are from “The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherpay” by Valerie Ann Worwood.


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