Avoid all insecticides except those with the active ingredient de-limonine gas which is derived from citrus extracts (dips, flea collars, and flea prescriptions as they all can cause harm to the animal). Add brewer's yeast and Garlic to the pet's food. For fleas on the pet, wash with warm soapy water and use a flea comb to remove fleas.

Drown the fleas you remove from the animal. After toweling down your pet, put 1/2 cup fresh or dried Rosemary in 1 quart of boiling water.

Steep 20 minutes, strain and cool. Spray or sponge evenly onto pet and allow to dry. Do not towel dry. Flea comb the pet regularly and reapply Rosemary solution as needed. For fleas in the home, vacuum daily for 2 weeks and weekly thereafter. Make sure to periodically vacuum under sofa and chair cushions, move furniture and vacuum between Mattress and box spring.

Throw the bag away outside the house or freeze it after each use. If the problem continues, steam the rug and upholstery. As a last resort, work Borax into the carpet with your fingers – use a dust mask and plastic gloves for this (under furniture, sofa cushions, Mattress, etc) and don't vacuum for 24-48 hours minimum.

Eucalyptus, citrus, Pennyroyal, Cedarwood, Bay, Fennel, Rue and Rosemary (fresh/dried/oils) are all repellants and the oils can be used on home made flea collars (or you can stuff a fabric tube with fresh/dried ingredients and make a collar and sprinkle these in the Bedding, etc.).

I spray the oils on the carpet etc – diluted of course. One suggestion I heard for fleas in the yard is to sprinkle cedar shavings on the lawn and mow them into the lawn.

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