No Halloween celebration is complete without scary decorations that can turn your home into a whole different world.

Whether you want to go with a less-scary harvest-season theme, take more of a cute approach, or go all-out and make your house look like a haunted castle or graveyard, you can make all of these decorations yourself.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to decorate your home with homemade Halloween decorations:

1. Gluey Ghosts

This is a fun craft for kids, and takes a more “cute” approach. Put these little ghosts on your windows with a little white beeswax, or write on them with permanent marker to make place cards. There are lots of possibilities with these! Here's how you make them:

On a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, make small, ghost-shaped outlines with white glue, and fill them in with glue. Allow to dry, and then peel them off the wax paper. With a permanent marker, you can make eyes or write names, or whatever else you'd like to do.

2. Ghosts and Gourds

Have you ever looked at gourds and realized how ghostly their shapes are? Gather up some gourds at your local market and allow them to dry. (Or you can purchase already-dried gourds.)

Paint the gourds with white spray paint and use black craft paint to create eyes, mouths, bowties, and whatever else you like. The gourds can be upside-down or right side up.

Use the ghostly gourds to make a scary garland (drill a 1/4″ hole in the top of each gourd and run twine through), or set them up as table decorations. If you have a bay window, these would make a great ghostly gathering in the window.

3. Homemade Tombstones

These will look appropriately spooky in your yard, or in your house if you're going with a haunted house theme.

Here's what you'll need:

* Pieces of plywood in whatever size you'd like
* Silk flowers (roses are good)
* Wooden craft letters (RIP)
* Wooden craft numbers (to create dates)
* Hot glue
* Garden or tomato stakes, 1 for each tombstone (this is optional – use if you want to mount the tombstone directly into the ground)
* Stone spray paint

Nail the stake to the middle of the plywood, leaving about 6″ of the spiked end at the bottom. Use the hot glue to attach the roses, letters, and numbers (and anything else you come up with!).

Once dry, spray paint the front of the tombstone with stone spray paint, and it will look like a carved stone.

4. Specimen Jars

Now you can use all those rubber toys in your kids' rooms! You can also raid your local dollar store and spend a little money to collect plastic and rubber spiders, bugs, rats, and doll heads.

Just put them in clear jars, fill with water that you've colored with green or yellow food coloring, and if you like, make some labels. Tie the labels around the jar lids with twine.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to get creative for Halloween!

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