These sachets are lovely to tuck into sweater drawers and hang in closets to help repel moths.

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Combine the ingredients in a large bowl. Blend. Make sachets by choosing a 4 x 4 inch piece of natural fiber with a tight weave, such as silk. Sew three sides together, then fill with the Herbs and sew the fourth side shut. You can adapt this pattern to any size you want (2 x 2 is the traditional size for the undergarments drawer, for example).

A good idea for small sachets is to fill cotton teabags sold for making your own tea (these are often sold in health food stores). If you are really in a rush, just tie the Herbs up in a cotton bandana or handkerchief; place the Herbs in the middle, gather the edges together, and tie with a ribbon.

Variation: Other Herbs that are good for repelling moths include Lavender, Lemon, sweet woodruff, and Tansy.

Completely seal clean woolen items in bags, boxes, and chests. Cedar chests help repel moths, but they must be sealed.


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