Prostatitis. Premature ejaculation. Arthritis. Erectile dysfunction. And gout.

These are just a few of the extremely common conditions that are constantly presented to me by male clients, friends, and family members. Often, they consult me as a sort of “last resort.”

I’m a homeopathic practitioner, after all, and many people in my world consider homeopathy to be an “alternative” medicine that is a little too “woo woo” to treat such “manly” disorders.

However, homeopathy is a 200-plus-year-old medical science that is fully regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And all remedies recognized by the well-respected Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) have been tested and proven effective in carefully controlled clinical trials.

Homeopathic Remedies Work–Without Dangerous Side Effects

Once I explain homeopathy’s impressive credentials to skeptical male clients, and once they experience the powerful and positive effects of the right homeopathic remedy, most men I work with become homeopathic evangelists for life.

Why? Because homeopathic medicines work quickly and effectively–without the dangerous side effects associated with many conventional treatments, over-the-counter drugs, and prescriptions.

Finding the Right Remedy for Your Condition

Many common male conditions can be treated quickly and effectively with homeopathy. These include:

* Erectile dysfunction. An estimated 30 million men in the United States will experience erectile dysfunction at one time or another–particularly between the ages of 40-70. That explains why there is such a huge market for products to strengthen or restore erections.

I’ve worked with men who tried herbal products that just didn’t work at all. And I’ve read alarming reports of men going blind or having heart attacks as a result of taking conventional drugs prescribed for this condition. That’s why I advocate proven homeopathic remedies–including Sepia, Hypericum, Lycopodium, and Cantharis–because they are extremely effective as well as medically benign.

* Premature ejaculation. This is probably the most common reason why men seek out my homeopathic recommendations. Usually, they’ve tried conventional approaches–which tend to focus on of nasty chemical numbing agents applied directly to the source. As a homeopathic practitioner, I could never recommend the direct and conscious application of toxic ingredients to any part of the body–particularly to such a sensitive, glandular area.

Numbing agents not only take away any potential pleasure you might expect to enjoy; they also mask symptoms of bodily imbalance. By using products like these, men can never expect to successfully work through the condition of premature ejaculation.

Instead, I recommend the use of homeopathic remedies–including Selenium, Nux Vomica, and Gelsemium–that have been tested and proven effective for this condition.

* Prostate disorders: One of the most popular conventional medical treatments for an enlarged prostate is the Trans-Urethral Resection Procedure (TURP). I encourage every man to try non-invasive homeopathic treatment first before undergoing this invasive surgery.

Often, a single dose of the right remedy will stimulate the body’s healing response to prostate disorders–including fluid seepage, swelling, overactive bladder, and painful orgasms–making surgery unnecessary. The HPUS recognizes Selenium, Thuja, Baryta Carbonica, and Caladium among the remedies that can strengthen the prostate and help restore healthy functioning.

* Arthritis: As men age, they often face the pain and discomfort of arthritis in finger and toe joints and rheumatic pains throughout the back, limbs, and shoulders. Homeopathic medicine offers many effective remedies to relieve symptoms and reverse the condition.

Apis, Lithium Carbonicum, Benzoic Acid, Iodium, and Grinelia are some remedies that my clients have had great success with. In my practice, I have found that topical application of these remedies is most efficacious. Look for topical homeopathic products or ask your homeopathic practitioner about topical remedies to get the most immediate relief.

* Gout: This is another painful condition that men often experience as they age. Caused by a build-up of uric acid, gout is associated with swelling, redness, and extreme pain in the joints–particularly of the big toe. One client came to me in frustration, after having followed a very strict diet to eliminate excess uric acid from his body.

Even though he had followed the diet to a tee, he still suffered from gout pain. After just a single application of homeopathic remedies applied directly on the painful joint, he was pain-free. Remedies proven to relieve gout pain and strengthen joint health include Bufo Rana, Rhododendron, Kali Iodatum, and Sabina.

Exploring the Homeopathic Road to Men’s Health

These are just a few of the common conditions for which homeopathy supports men’s health. If you suffer from any of these conditions, try one of the recommended remedies and note your body’s response. If the symptoms decrease or disappear completely, you’ve probably found the right remedy. If the symptoms remain, try the next recommended remedy, again noting your body’s response.

If your condition remains unchanged or worsens, I encourage you to seek out the support of a knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner who will work with you to restore whole-body health through the use of a constitutional remedy.

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