Kids love Halloween because this is the only time they really get to enjoy sweets.  Traditionally, treats for Halloween consisted of store bought candy corns, and other assorted Halloween favorites.  Dunking for apples was a favorite in our day.  Today, there are more creative ideas available than ever before.

Baking is a tradition on Halloween, and aside from the cookies and cupcakes, there are other recipes which can be used to make the occasion even more special.

Instead of regular cookies how about ghost cookies?  Using your favorite cookie recipe, you can shape the cookies into little ghosts. Your kids can decorate them with different color icing, or use M&M’s right after they are taken out of the oven.

Here is a great recipe for brownies shaped into ghosts.  Make the brownies as you normally would, then before they cool, cut a ghost shape using a paring knife.  Then melt white chocolate and using a piping bag, make the outline of the ghost on the brownie.  After it has cooled you can pipe in the eyes and mouths, using any color frosting you choose.

If you’d like to make bat cakes, simply follow the steps to make a chocolate cake.  Place the prepared ingredients onto a baking sheet.  When the cake is finished, you can cut out bats with a paring knife.  Set them aside to cool.  Melt some dark chocolate and pipe in their eyes and noses.  In fact, you can use dark chocolate to make the bat wings and attach them to either side of the bat cakes.  Your kids will be in chocolate heaven!

Halloween is a time of costume making and preparing special treats.  It’s the one time of the year in which kids are allowed to not only help in making treats, but consuming them as well.  Whatever treats you prepare on Halloween will be handed down to your kids, and their kids.   So have a great time and enjoy the day with your family on the “sweetest” day of the year.

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