Let’s face it, with the kind of pollution and harshness of weather we have these days, it’s not easy to keep your skin safe.

Slowly you may find that your skin’s losing its charm and is turning sensitive/dry. Which is why it’s important to give your facial skin the rejuvenation it needs.

Go through the following all-natural face packs that you create at home to bring down your skin’s dryness and make it less sensitive.

DIY Face-Saving Facials

1. Cleansing Oil: Spreading oil on your face can make a big difference to your skin because oil contains specific cleansing properties. You can use olive oil or castor oil for your facial skin as they seem to work the best. However, it’s important that you rub the oil gently on your face without being rough.

2. Honey: We all know how honey is one the most sought after sugar substitutes there is today. But it’s not just about eating it but also applying honey to your facial skin to give it back its healthy look. Just by rubbing a little honey and relaxing for even ten minutes can help greatly. Yes it might feel a bit sticky and uncomfortable at first, but in the end the results will speak for themselves.

3. Chocolate: Before you ask if chocolate is good for skin, the answer is yes. Putting a choco mixture on your face can help you get back your youthful look, bring down the scars/stretch marks and protect your skin from the harsh sun and bad pollution. You can easily create your own chocolate face mask by mixing cocoa, honey and mashed avocado. Don’t just put the mask on your skin but also massage it in.

4. Natural Soaps: The fact remains that soaps with strong, artificial cleansing agents are bad for skin, even though they smell great. They work against a skin that’s delicate or dry. This is why you should spend time looking for an all-natural cleanser minus the artificial supplements so that you can get a good face wash.

5. Mango: The process is pretty simple with mango. You peel it and squash it – and it’s ready to be applied to your face. Add some sugar to the mango pulp to prepare the mask for the skin. Once you’re done with that, add a few teaspoons of “argan oil” to it. Apply it and keep it for at least 20 minutes to see the difference.

The more you focus on your facial skin, the easier it will be for you to manage and beautify it. The ideas we discussed above are only a few but as you get used to these face packs, you’ll realize the importance of them.

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