What does it entail to be highly sensitive to something? When it concerns chemicals, merely being around them may lead to all types of troubles in the body. Chemical sensitivities are far more common than many think and maybe be at the root of many ailments that we chalk up to other causes.

Common Chemical Sensitivities

Think of the good old days on the frontier. Folks lived on back-breaking work, meat and potatoes. Many of the substances that we have formulated through technology weren't necessarily intended to be ingested, yet they are. For many, these chemical compounds may lead to different reactions.

So, how do you recognize that you're in the presence of a substance that's causing a chemical sensitivity in your body? Here are some guidelines:

– You're impacted even by little doses or low levels of the substance
– Repeated exposure to the substance makes your symptoms more awful
– Once the substance is withdrawn from your surroundings, you start to feel better

If this sounds like you and something that you're grappling with now, perhaps one of the following substances may be your perpetrator.

* MSG – A common substance utilized as an additive in foods. It's just like table salt and may likewise be used to flavor or season food.

* Solvents – These are substances encountered in household cleaners. They're used to strip away grime, grease, lime scale and rust to name a few.

* Aldehydes – Among the best known is formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde. Both are utilized in the medical field as a preservative and a chemical cleaner respectively. Formaldehyde can likewise be discovered in wood products used in furniture in your house, adhesives and carpeting.

* Hydrocarbons – Utilized in the oil production industry, incinerating them makes energy that we utilize day-after-day to heat our houses. This substance is likewise used in road paving, heaters and other places where the aroma may bear upon those with chemical sensitivities.

Symptoms of Chemical Sensitivities

There is an extensive range of symptoms for folks with chemical sensitivities. A few of the more common are headaches, sore throat, respiration problems/asthma, skin irritations, muscle aches and pains, seizures, rashes and fatigue.

These vary depending upon the duration and type of exposure, whether there's genuine contact with skin, mucus membranes or internal organs.

Treatment for Chemical Sensitivities

Treatment starts by ferreting out the cause of the symptoms that you're going through. If you get better when you're in one place and lousier in some other, that's an indication there's something in that environment that's inducing your symptoms.

Avoid certain substances and conditions in your house. For example, stay away from cigarette smoke, man-made fibers in furniture and carpeting, as well as foods that contain high mineral levels such as mercury in fish. Another very common culprit is cleaning supplies, so turn to more natural solutions to clean your home.

Maintain a fresh air environment in your house. Attempt to get rid of as many contaminants as you are able to, or remove yourself from that environment as much as achievable.

There's help for those with chemical sensitivities. Start by discovering your particular offending chemical.

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