Smoothie drinks are all the rage these days. You can find them in just about every shop that sells beverages and sandwiches.

But, all of them are not created equally.

To get the most out of these frozen drinks, we are offering a few ways that you can make them healthier for yourself and your family.

Healthy Habits of Smoothie Drinkers

Before we get into the health benefits, let’s look at some habits that you can cultivate to increase your well-being once you begin to make suggested changes to the smoothie itself.

1. Drink a smoothie every day – Consistency is the key to any new routine that you want to implement.

Allow yourself at least 15 minutes in the morning to create your frozen beverage. Then, you can drink it on the run.

2. Make ahead smoothies – If you are pressed for time or just want the convenience, set aside one day a week and mix up enough of your favorite drinks to last for a week at a time.

Be sure to leave space in the storage containers for expansion of the liquid during freezing.

3. Choose a durable blender – For durability and satisfaction, invest in a good smoothie blender. You’ll save money in the long run over replacing a cheaper one every five or six months.

Health Benefits of Smoothies

1. Better and more consistent nutrition – According to the American College of Physicians, multivitamins are not regulated by the FDA and therefore their efficacy cannot be properly evaluated.

If you don’t believe us, just read the disclaimer on the back of your multivitamin bottle.

The best way to obtain what the body needs is through natural means – raw foods.

Use frozen vegetables and fruits (without added sugars). Including the entire food adds fiber, vitamins and minerals.

2. Keeps you hydrated – You need a liquid as a base for your smoothie. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain water in their systems.

This water is added to the drink to keep your internal organs hydrated.

3. Saves money – Fresh fruit has a limited life. Unless you eat one each day you will end up wasting plenty due to rotting.

Frozen varieties contain the same amount of nutrients and can be kept for much longer periods of time, providing nutrition as well as saving you money as you eat better.

4. Maximizes your time – It can be hard to peel and eat an orange in the car when you are pressed for time.

So, you forsake the orange for something that is probably less healthy but more convenient to your situation.

With a smoothie, you obtain much needed nutrients, good taste and the convenience of enjoying your nutrition on the run anywhere and everywhere you have to go.

Smoothies have many positives including good convenient nutrition.


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