By Cait Johnson, inspired by Better Basics for the Home by Annie B. Bond (Three Rivers Press, 1999).

If you're like me, you don't usually use the words “fun” and “washing the floor” in the same sentence. But when I discovered Annie's floor-wash formula, it put keeping my floor clean in a whole new category.

It uses one of the most effective microbe-busting ingredients known: vinegar. But it also calls for a secret ingredient that makes the formula even more effective and gives it a heavenly fresh smell. And you probably have it in your kitchen cupboard.

Now that we're not tracking dirt into the house with our summer-bare feet and the windows are shut for cooler weather, clean floors are important to me. This formula is completely safe for the environment, smells delicious, and really works. And the secret ingredient makes it fun to make and use. Get the great formula here:



1. Combine ingredients in a pail or bucket.

2. Swirl the wash around until it is sudsy, then proceed to mop as normal.

3. Discard any unused formula.

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