Most headaches result from tension. Tension produces pain in the neck and shoulders resulting in constriction of the blood vessels and blood circulation resulting in headaches.

Stress, guilt, fear, anger, depression, and rage are all contributing factors to tension headaches. Underlying health problems can also result in headaches.

Additional Causes of Headaches

Everything from sinusitis to nutritional imbalance, spinal misalignment to PMS, poor circulation to TMJ are all culprits. Food allergies and additives, cigarette smoke, air pollutants, poor ventilation, certain drugs, chemicals, and overexposure to sun are also factors.

Proper diagnosis of the particular headache makes treatment much more specific and easier to diagnose.

Migraines are the result in an abnormal flow of blood to the brain. Pain can last for several hours to several days. Migraines are frequently related to food and environmental allergies. They may also be brought on by poor circulation, chemical sensitivities, changes in humidity, stress or underlying illness.

If you get frequent or unusually severe headaches, medical attention must be sought. Typically, migraines bring severe, one-sided throbbing pain (in 40 percent of cases, however, the pain occurs on both sides). Often this is accompanied by nausea and vomiting and perhaps tremor and dizziness. Some people also experience premigraine warning symptoms, including blurred vision, “floating” visual images, and numbness in an arm or leg.

Migraines Without Aura

This accounts for 85 percent and presents with pulsating, throbbing, unilateral headache that can last 1 to 2 days and is aggravated by routine physical activity, maybe accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound or visual disturbances such as hallucinations of stars, sparks or flashes of light.

Migraines With Aura

This usually has similar symptoms as above but with the additional visual or neurological symptoms that preceed the headache. The aura seems to develop in 5 to 20 minutes and lasts less than an hour.


With a Tennis Ball, lay on the floor and place the tennis ball under you in the points between and under the shoulder blades. Massage the area by gently rocking over the tennis ball. Move the ball around to different trigger points on your back.

The trapezius muscles at the base of the neck, at the base of the skull, and even in the dimples of the buttock, for here is where we hold a lot of tension that crawls all the way up the spine to the behind the shoulder blades which in turn burn up to the base of the skull. Let your body relax over the tennis ball until the tension dissolves.

A simple kinesiology technique can relieve many non-sinus headaches. The technique works very quickly and is one you do for yourself.

The Gall Bladder Meridian

This technique works on headaches located anywhere on the upper part of the head — in the forehead, temples, or down the back of the head and neck. The meridian (energy flow) involved is called the gall bladder meridian. It covers the upper part of the head, then flows down the back of the neck, down the sides of the torso and legs, and eventually ends on the fourth toe of each foot.

Headaches are generally caused by a build-up of energy in this meridian — energy that for some reason gets blocked in the head area. To relieve this blocked condition, you simply have to massage a point further down the meridian to encourage the energy to flow out of the head and neck area.

This massage point can be found by standing and letting your arms hang loosely at your sides. About where your middle finger touches your thigh (on both sides of the body), you will find a spot that is very tender or even painful to touch when you are having a headache. This spot might be a little above or below, or a little to the front or to the back of the point where your middle finger touches the thigh, but you will find it somewhere close by.

Technique for a non-migraine headache

Massage these spots with as much pressure as is comfortable for 10 seconds, let off for 10 seconds, massage for another 10 seconds, let off for 10 seconds, and massage one more time for 10 seconds.

Remember to breath slowly and evenly as you massage. You will probably notice by the time you are done massaging that the headache is beginning to go away, and within two or three minutes the headache will disappear completely.

Technique for a migraine headache

Don't massage the point on your thigh, but lightly brush it with your finger tips instead. Follow the same pattern of brushing for 10 seconds, staying off for 10 seconds, and so on. Remember to breathe slowly and evenly. Again, relief should come very quickly.

Natural Relief for Migraines

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Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has been in the alternative health field for over 15 years. His knowledge, expertise and clinical training has offered him the ability to experience and continually learn about the body and its energy system in health as well as in disease.

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