Sore throat or strep throat, is an inflammation of the throat and tonsils caused by bacteria.


  • Tea Tree Oil
  • mouthwash
  • sea salt
  • cooking pot
  • towel
  • vaporizer

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Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to 4 ounces of warm water. You can add pinch of sea salt to the mixture and gargle 2-3 times daily.

Tea Tree Oil mouthwash works also; or add 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil to 2 ounces of mouthwash, and gargle. Put 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil into a pot of warm water (4-6 cups).

Breathe in the vapors for 10 minutes, (tent your head and the pot with a towel). A vaporizer in the bedroom, with 8 drops of Tea Tree Oil added, is also suggested.

Natural Remedies for Cold, Flu Symptoms:

Beta Glucan – Natural immune system booster to strengthen immune system health and protect the body against viral and bacterial infections
Mucus-Clear – Homeopathic remedy reduces phlegm and thick mucus plus relieves throat congestion
InstaClear Sinus Relief – Herbal remedy instantly clears sinus congestion
SinusSoothe – Homeopathic medicine for temporarily relieving sinus pressure and nasal congestion
Immu-Stay – Natural supplement boosts the immune system

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