Some people have a problem with their muscles making sudden spasms or movements that they cannot control, otherwise known as motor tics.

Tics rarely appear gradually, but instead manifest seemingly out of the blue and you are left dealing with annoying, embarrassing and often lifestyle-hampering involuntary muscle movements.

As you can imagine, these types of spasms are very frustrating and can wreak havoc on your social and work life.

Adults often have to deal with motor tics but they are much more common in children. In certain cases, they show up in early childhood and then continue into the adult years.  Controlling them can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

You can easily compare it to trying to hold off a big sneeze that really wants to come out.

Some of the things you might expect to see are uncontrollable blinking, your face making grimaces or your extremities moving suddenly and with no warning.

Motor Tics in Children

When tics appear in children they often only stick around for a very short time, a matter of weeks. When kids go through a large amount of stress this is even more the case. Other people are not so fortunate, their tics can stick around for many years.

This long-term problem is otherwise known as chronic motor tic disorder. If the motor tics are combined with vocal tics then Tourette's syndrome is often diagnosed.

There are many natural herbs and homeopathic ingredients that can help to lessen the severity of motor tics as well as give you relief from them. The herb, Hyoscyamus, is well known for it's antispasmodic properties and is great at helping you to fight nervous irritations.

Zinc is also really important in your fight to stop the involuntary muscle spasms. It both keeps the immune system strong and gives your body the ability to absorb minerals better. If you think that the tics are the result of stress then zinc is extra helpful, in this case.

It helps the body to defend against spasms and involuntary movements. Cina can be used to help fight off involuntary spasms and twitches while Chamomilla is good at helping to lessen any stress you might be experiencing.

It is important to understand how the tics affect your child and make the necessary adjustments at both home and school. It can be very punishing for a child to have this type of problem because it makes them different from the rest of the kids.

They can easily become a target for teasing. Make sure that you talk with them about this and let them know that it will most likely not be a permanent thing.

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