If you are a parent of a hyperactive child, you know that sometimes you have to think outside the box in regards to activities that will keep them busy and having fun.

Crafts are no exception. There are many crafts that may require far too much concentration to be enjoyable for a child who is filled with unlimited energy.

Instead of diving into a boring or time-consuming craft, look for something that involves a lot of sensory stimulation.

Thankfully, there are many crafts and ideas nowadays that fit the bill.

Edible Sensory Beads

This is a craft that children of all ages will enjoy. You may even find yourself sitting down with your child and trying it out for yourself.

Edible sensory beads do not have to be eaten, but if your child is tempted to put things in their mouth then these are a safe alternative to other similar forms of sensory play which may not contain the safest ingredients.

Simply use as many cups of water that you want for beads, and use an equal number of tablespoons of chia seeds. You can use (natural) food coloring in the water to brighten up the beads, and if you want more than one color then simply make more than one batch in separate bowls.

Once you have mixed the ingredients, set the bowl or bowls in the fridge overnight and they will be ready by morning. Your child will enjoy mixing the beads and swirling them around with their hands.

Edible Slime

Here is another craft that is safe for children who can’t help but taste everything they see. Brightly colored edible slime is a fascinating craft for kids that they will spend hours enjoying.

For each color desired, mix one tablespoon of Metamucil with one cup of water, and a few drops of your preferred food coloring. Add ¼ package of Kool-Aid powder if you want a delicious scent.

Cook the mixture for 3-6 minutes on high, and let the slime cool slightly before using. This is a crowd pleaser for all ages, and can hold the attention of a child with a limited attention span.

Finger Paint

Here is an activity that will never grow old. Finger paint is the perfect activity for a child who doesn’t wish to be contained to using a paintbrush.

Finger painting offers the chance to be creative, which is a strong point of many hyperactive children.

It also offers a sensory experience that will help calm your child when they are feeling too much negative energy.


Hyperactive children often love to solve puzzles. Mosaics offer a puzzle-like experience without the confines of a regular puzzle.

Mosaics can be bought in small sets and put together, or bought in packages as a way to create your own design.

Mosaics are a craft that will help build concentration in your child.

Although traditional crafts can be exasperating to an energetic child, there are many alternatives to choose from.

Creativity is a natural strong point of many hyperactive children, and there are many crafts they can thoroughly enjoy. By using a little creativity of your own, your child can have access to hours and hours of fun.

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