Candle making is a tradition from the Old Country.  Hanging wicks and dipping them in wax until the candle is the correct consistency was something we did in art class. Get the family together during the holiday season and teach the kids how to make beeswax candles.

Beeswax candles can be made with beeswax sheets.  True beeswax candle makers don’t use these sheets but for homemade candles, beeswax sheets are easy and safe for children to use.  The wax is pressed into sheets for use in making different shapes of candles.

Beeswax is a clean-burning candle wax.  It cleans the air and removes odors as it burns.  Beeswax also melts away until almost gone.  Any that is left can be molded with more beeswax to create new candles to burn.

Before making beeswax candles, prepare by getting all of your supplies together and setting up an area to work.  To make these candles you will need:  beeswax sheets, scissors or a knife, candle wicks, a cutting board or other hard surface for cutting.  When purchasing the supplies, check to see that the wicks do not contain any lead or other chemicals.

Beeswax usually comes in a light color which is the color of the wax.  Adding color introduces chemicals into the wax that can be burned off in the flame.  You can get beeswax candles in different colors but they may not burn as clean.

How to Make Beeswax Candles

First, watch the children when sharp objects are around.  Do any cutting that needs to be done and keep the knife pointed away from the body.  Work on the kitchen table so the kids can lean as they work.

1. Lay out a sheet of beeswax.  If using colored wax in combinations cut the sheet and add other colored pieces.  Lay them close together so they overlap.

2. Take the wick and place it near the beginning of the wax sheet.  Let an inch or so of the wick hang out of the bottom of the candle and two inches out of the top of the beeswax sheet.

3. Press the wick gently into the beeswax sheet.  The wick needs to be secured so that it will not be displaced during rolling.  After the wick is firmly in place, it is time to create the candle.

4. Slowly, roll the beeswax sheet over itself.  Keep the rolls tight so no gaps are present in the wax.  Continue rolling until the entire sheet is finished or the candle is as wide as you would like it.  Larger candles like pillars have one or three wicks depending on width.

5. Cut the wick at the bottom even with the bottom of the candle.  Trim the wick at the top of the candle until it is about half an inch long.

Create beautiful candles in various sizes and shapes.  Kids can use their creations as homemade gifts or to decorate the house for the Christmas holiday.

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