Chamomile is best known for its relaxing, sleep-inducing qualities, Chamomile is also a great tonic for the digestive system – soothing adults and children alike.

In addition, its Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent eye remedy, an effective wash for wound and Skin Care and a fabulous addition to massage oil.

Excellent Antiseptic Wash – Infused Chamomile (water-based) :

Chamomile is high in volatile oils, which contain Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities, and have earned it the reputation as one of the best eye washes. It is also an effective remedy for Diaper Rash and is useful for Skin Care and general wound treatment.

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To Make:

Add one ounce (two big handfuls) of dried Chamomile to a quart-size glass jar. Fill with boiling water and cap tightly. Let it steep for 30 minutes, then strain with a fine-weave cloth. Important note: Chamomile flowers disintegrate in water into little fibrous parts.

Use a fine-weave cloth to extract all the fiber from the infusion before using the liquid to irrigate eyes or apply to wounds. This ensures that the fibrous parts do not cause further irritation.


Soothe and heal all kinds of eye irritations, from dry, red, irritated eyes to conditions like sties or conjunctivitis (pink eye). Irrigate eyes directly or dip a clean cloth in the infused liquid and apply as a compress. Important note: Use any Chamomile compress only once. The used compress will be full of impurities, and reuse may re-infect.

Chamomile is a great remedy for Diaper Rash, applied directly as a wash or used in a sitz bath. Eczema and other skin conditions benefit from both external and internal use of Chamomile. The infused herb also makes an effective wash for Newborn navel care and general wound treatment.

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