An injury to the hamstring tendon which connects the thigh muscle at the back and side. Use the ice method and ice packs for at least ten minutes four times per day.

Also massage three times a day using the following:

Diluted in 2 tablespoons Massage Oil.

Ice Methods:

The Styrofoam cup method enables you to hold the ice to a specific part of the body without freezing your hands. Fill a Styrofoam cup with water and freeze it. When it is required, cut the sides a few inches to reveal a solid block of ice, which can be applied to the injured area.

Ice may also be placed in bowls or buckets into which you put the toes, feet, fingers, hands, or elbow, and other areas of the body affected. Top up as required.

You can also crush ice and put in a plastic bag, and then place between two towels and wrap it around the injured area.

Whichever method you use, apply the ice to the injured area for at least twenty minutes, then allow twenty minutes' rest before repeating the application. Continue in this way for three to four hours.

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The above recipe is from “The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy” by Valerie Ann Worwood


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