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Understanding the Diagnosing Process for Fibromyalgia


Understanding the Diagnosing Process for FibromyalgiaDoctors can have a difficult time processing information and making a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It is important that individuals have an accurate diagnosis so that proper treatment can be started.

Fibromyalgia can be very uncomfortable and involve many different symptoms. Fibromyalgia does not have any specific test but can be diagnosed based on symptoms.

Your doctor must of course be aware of fibromyalgia and understand the symptoms. If your family doctor, is not familiar with fibromyalgia a referral to a rheumatologist may be in order to help the diagnosis along. Pain specialists, psychiatrists, and neurologists are all important medical experts.

Meet the experts that may help in arriving at the diagnosis:


A medical doctor who specializes in treating the conditions that are considered to be rheumatic conditions is called a Rheumatologist. A rheumatologist is typically an internist or pediatrician who understands, analyzes, diagnoses, and treats the different illnesses and conditions that can affect your bones, joints, and muscles.

Pain specialists:

Doctors who have expertise in diagnosing, managing, and treating the acute or chronic pain that is experienced in various illnesses and conditions is called a, pain specialist. The pain specialist may off a variety of treatment services and may be able to tailor a treatment program that is based on behavioral, medical and psychological therapies. They usually work out of private pain treatment centers or be affiliated with hospitals, medical centers or university medical centers.


A physiatrist is a doctor specializing in the physical medicine and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. They are specially trained to be able to diagnose, manage, and treat the acute or chronic symptoms of pain that accompany illnesses or injuries of the musculoskeletal or neuromuscular nature. They typically practice out of private clinics, rehabilitation centers, or hospitals. They generally offer to treat your entire body, not just the specific area of pain in a non-surgical way.


A medical doctor that has specialized in the diagnosing, managing and treatment of nervous system disorders is called a, neurologist. The nervous system is made up of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (nerves, nerve roots, and muscles). They can examine, perform tests on, and treat various areas of the nervous system in order to come up with a correct diagnosis and then to design a treatment plan to correct or manage the illness or condition.

One new type of diagnostic tool for those with fibromyalgia is the hair analysis, which is a popular way of diagnosing fibromyalgia. Hair analysis is an actual procedure that can examine an individual’s metabolic body makeup as seen through the strand of hair, which can reveal information important to a diagnosis such as hormones, genetics, the environment and also your perspiration. Protein in the hair can give much information regarding the environment the individual was recently in including toxic exposure.

The hair test can also tell if the person has any nutritional deficiencies. The hair sample can diagnose fibromyalgia, give information about symptoms, and can determine the best fibromyalgia treatment.

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