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Top Things that Cause Stress


causes of stressStress, it is a word that many of us know all too well. Stress is never fun and it is never easy to deal with. When you feel stress, it can ruin your day whether it is just a fleeting feeling of stress or a major life change.

You can do something about the stress you are feeling, many times a natural remedy for stress will help, but the first thing is that you must know what is causing your stress.

If you ask twenty people what causes them the most stress, you are likely to hear twenty different answers. That is because stress is not the same for every person. Everyone is affected by it quite differently. What causes stress for one person, may not faze another.

However, there are common threads in the top things that cause stress. Here are a few things that are likely to cause feelings of stress.

Money: They old saying goes that money is the root of all evil and when you think about the number of times you have thought or worried about money, then you can probably agree with that statement. Money is the reason you get up every day and head to work.

It is what keeps you up late at night paying the bills. It is important and stressful. It makes sense then that money is one of the top stressors in many lives. You never seem to have enough to go around and it can cause spouses and family members to argue and worry.

In this day and age, with the soaring prices of gas, groceries and the mounting debt you may carry, it is no wonder that money is a huge stress factor. If you find you are worried about money, think of things you can actively do to reduce your worries and put yourself in a solid financial situation.

Children: Children are wonderful and they add joy and excitement to your life. However, children can cause you lots of stress, too. From the day they are born and come home from the hospital, you worry and stress over them. Is your baby eating enough, sleeping enough, getting the right amount of stimulation?

It doesn’t stop when they are babies either factor in potty training, separation anxiety, school, homework, driving, dating, college tuition and you can quickly see that your bundle of joy has brought stress aplenty into your home. You will certainly lose a lot of sleep over your children, even after they have grown up and moved out of the house.

Medical problems: Another one of the top things that cause stress in the lives of many people is medical problems. Even small medical problems and illnesses can cause people to worry and fret. If you are unlucky enough to face major medical issues, then the stress rises even more. You may wonder if you will get better, how you will support your family, if you can work and even if you have enough health insurance to pay the bills. Medical problems are huge stress factors for many people.

Stress happens and when you know what is causing your stress, you can work to alleviate these problems before it gets out of hand, as well as choose a holistic approach which incorporates a natural remedy for stress.

Editor’s Note: Sometimes a natural remedy for stress can help us cope with the top things that cause stress. PureCalm, a natural remedy for stress, has been tested by our editors and found to be a very effective natural remedy for stress. Our editors found that this natural remedy for stress calmed nerves, soothed mood and helped them to achieve a more relaxed and even-keeled response to normal stressors of the day. As an added benefit, the natural stress remedy, PureCalm, also helped our editors fall asleep more easily and stay asleep – which greatly helped their overall mood and stress levels.

This natural remedy for stress is manufactured by Native Remedies. We thoroughly researched this company that makes this natural stress remedy and have found that all of their products are created using their Full Spectrum Approach (FSA), a set of standards and processes that combines the best quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients, good manufacturing practices and a Full Spectrum manufacturing method to guarantee you products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.

All Native Remedies‘ formulas, including their PureCalm stress natural remedy, contain no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, are not tested on animals, and backed by our One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Plus, individual homeopathic ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

Also, they only use WHOLE HERB herbal extracts, the purest form of the herb with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits.

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