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Top Organic Superfoods You May Not Know


Top Organic Superfoods“Organic” and “Natural” are words we hear every day and see on hundreds of products as we shop. Advertisements and trends keep telling us that these words are equivalent to healthy and “good for you” but are they really? Natural might seem nice, but there can be a catch to it.

For one, some things that are labeled Natural aren’t necessarily natural. Many of these products tend to be produced through chemical means or include chemicals for preservation. Rather than all natural ingredients it is instead a Natural flavor.

In the case of Organic products, however, you are guaranteed to not encounter chemicals. Organic means products untouched by chemicals during their production, which makes Organic preferable to Natural.

Of course, not all Organic products are created equal. There are superfoods among Organic produce, which are packed with nutrients that many of us have trouble including in our daily diets. Here are some of the top superfoods out there for you to try:

Organic Coconut Sugar

Does the word “sugar” already have you up in arms and shouting, “That’s not healthy!”? We admit that a low-sugar diet is a far better diet, but if you have a sweet tooth this is a far better choice than processed sugar or artificial sweeteners. There are always new risks popping up when it comes to new “natural” sweeteners and the highly processed white sugar that it’s replacing is just as bad. Organic coconut sugar is organically grown and processed. It has a taste akin to brown sugar, but can still be used as a healthier substitute to your usual sugar. Less chemical worries from your sweetener just makes your sweet snack or beverage that much sweeter.

Organic Acai Powder

Acai has been one of the trends for a while now, and many products like to add it to their ingredients list to increase buyer’s interest. This is no mistake or fake gimmick. Acai berry are actually among the top organic superfoods out there. It can help with ailments such as joint pain, arthritis, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer due to a high antioxidants level. It can even help with aging, as free radicals (which antioxidants fight against) are a key culprit in things like aging skin and other cells. Using the powdered form of the berry can make it easier to incorporate this organic superfood into your daily diet.

Organic Golden Berry

Berries have always been one of the easiest and tastiest ways of getting a good amount of nutrients into our bodies. They also tend to also have some of the highest natural sugar levels among fruit. To get a better balance between nutrition and natural sugar, consider the golden berry.

It’s a great source of protein, believe it or not, which is great for vegans and vegetarians as well as anyone suffering from nut allergies. The other nutritional benefits of the golden berry can help relieve pain as well as help boost the immune system, so it is a great alternative to constantly taking chemically produced pills.

Organic Raw Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been around for years, but few have ever thought of them as a superfood. There are a lot of benefits attached to adding this to your diet, but make sure you’ve purchased the right kind. If must be the organic raw chia seeds in order to contain the nutrients.

Chia seeds are good for diabetes, high cholesterol or hyperglycemia. And, because they are a great source of omega-3 acids you can easily replace your fish oil supplements and enjoy something a little less fishy.

Organic Goji Berries

We’re obviously fans of berries when it comes to the top superfoods available, but the organic goji berry is certainly one of the best when it comes to flavor. It also happens to be considered the most nutrient filled fruit ever found. It boasts a wide range of nutrients, which can boost immunity and hold many other health benefits.

These five organic foods are just a few among many other superfoods out there. You can find quite a number of other foods available, with great nutritional benefits that can help you live an organic and healthy lifestyle.

What is Aging?

Some scientists and physicians suggest that aging is a ‘disease’. This is not a fair description. Aging is not a disease but part of the process of life itself! You cannot reverse aging but you can help slow it down to an optimal level which nature intended. So, how long should we live for? This is a subject of much debate and disagreement. Some scientists claim extraordinary times…200+ years.

However, this is really in the realm of science fiction. The position of Xtend-Life is that it is possible to live to the projected maximum human life span of 120 years. To achieve this, your life has to be well balanced! In other words, your lifestyle, your diet, the amount of exercise you do, the environment you live in and your nutrient intake have to be as close as possible to optimal.

To learn more about how aging occurs and ways to slow down your biological clock, visit Xtend-Life’s Overview of Anti-Aging research page today.

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