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Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Home


Top 5 Ways to Secure Your HomeBased upon FBI statistics, a break in takes place in the U . S . every 15 seconds.

In excess of $1500 is taken on an average and the event leaves home owners rattled and worried for years to come.

Home security should subsequently be one of the primary considerations of any household.

It is striking that a significant percentage of break-ins take place during the daytime. Intruders determine weak points in a home and use them to their advantage.

An open door, a tree house within easy reach of a top floor window and an open window on the first floor are very easy marks.

Many people have learned to make sure that such clear vulnerable areas aren’t neglected given the increase in the number of break ins.

There are however, other points to be sure of so that you can avoid home invasions.

Display the Alarm System – A home security system is not very much of a safeguard from intruders as it doesn’t block an entry. The only comfort in possessing an alarm system is in the knowledge that assistance will arrive as soon as possible if a break in does occur.

At best an alarm system functions best as a discouraging factor for criminals as they are most likely to look for less difficult targets. However, this deterrent will work only when the intruder is aware that that it has been installed.

So make certain to display your sophisticated alarm system. The more noticeable the placement, the better!

Move from Obvious Hiding Places to Keypad Locks – Gone are the days when you could leave your key under the doormat, in a fake rock or on the door ledge.

These totally obvious hiding places have grown to be so popular that these are the first few locations intruders search when going in an unoccupied apartment or house. An alternative and much better option for increased home security is to leave your key with a neighbor.

If you have had one too many occasions of locking yourself out, you might need to consider switching to a keypad lock or a fingerprint door lock.

Provide Limited Real Time Information on the Internet – Much as you like to share, info about your whereabouts can get to dubious individuals wanting to make trouble.

Updates about your approaching travel to Rome, real time vacation pictures or ‘checking in’ from your Facebook profile is not a very good idea, particularly when you have left your home vacant and gone off on a family getaway.

Establish a Lighting Routine – If you have watched ‘Home Alone’, you will recognize that intelligent crooks can study the automated lighting you have set up in your home. Maintain a schedule for turning on and turning off the front yard lighting so that they can’t tell if you are in or not.

Secure your Doors with the Right Equipment – If a thief is not discouraged by your alarm system and gets past the lighting, the final layer of home protection should be the doors and windows of your residence.

Use burglar proof glass for windows, use a heavy duty strike plate and use high quality locks.

Use door reinforcement solutions such as door security bars, door shields and hinge shields to stop the door from buckling when kicked.

Home Security Starts Here

Why Secure Your Doors?

An intruder can be in your home in 10 seconds. 85% of all break-ins are through a door.

Only Armor Concepts reinforces all of the weak points of your door — the jamb, the lock area and the hinges. If all of those points are not reinforced, your door is not secure.

We have something to fit every door and budget.

Police Tested and Recommended

Police and other independent sources have thoroughly tested and recommend our products because they work.

Lifetime Warranty

The only true peace of mind is knowing that your home security actually works. Door Armor (formerly EZ Armor) comes with a lifetime warranty against kick-ins. Thousands of satisfied customers now sleep secure.

An Alarm System Just Isn’t Enough

Additional solutions are a must have for anyone with a home alarm system. Your alarm works after someone has already broken into your home. Police response is often greater than 20 minutes. Many alarm companies now offer Door Armor (formerly EZ Armor) as a part of their system.

We know more about securing doors than anyone on the planet. See why Armor Concepts has been featured by Fox News, Bloomberg, NBC and has been recommended by police. Your security is our only business.

Learn more about Armor Concepts and Door Armor (formerly EZ Armor) now!

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