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The Garlic Recipe


This recipe, if taken 2 times per day, it will eventually kill all parasites in the body. It will kill bacteria and viruses too. It makes one feel very good, and clear minded.

You juice approximately 2 fresh garlic cloves with a vegetable, like carrot, cucumber, or tomato.

If you don’t have a juicer, you can grate the garlic very small with a metal grater, then add yogurt and oat flakes to help hide the burning sensation.

Try 2 garlic cloves to one cup of vegetable juice. It depends on your weight and size as to how much “heat” you can take from the juiced garlic. Some garlic cloves are small so use more. You want your nose to run and your head and chest to feel very warm!!!! This “hot” effect is very important. 2 times per day.

You will have severe diarrhea one time within 24 hours. Be near a toilet. You can start on the weekend for this reason. You will see worms (maybe you’ll see flukes too) come out of you after a day on this Recipe. Not all will die at once. They can take a long time to kill.

If you are ill with a flu virus, take the Recipe every hour if you want to so you feel better. Then go back to 2 times per day. Afternoon and before bedtime are good times. You can take it to work with you.

You will smell like fresh garlic for a little while, but then it goes away. Eat a mint. I would not want the odor to stop anyone. The benefits of the garlic in this 2x a day high dose are amazing.

The Garlic Recipe is inexpensive and easy. Garlic tablets or capsules won’t have the same effect.

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