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The Benefits of Vitamin E for Beautiful Skin


The first thing many folks notice is your skin. Is it fit, bright, attractive or dull, lifeless and muted? Vitamin E may step-up the suppleness of your skin.

What Is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s crucial to the body. Since it’s favorable to fat it can enter cells and do work there. It incorporates components that heighten the immune system. This is what makes it an antioxidant.

In the body, antioxidants battle the effects of free radicals (by-products of cellular metabolism). Free radicals cause signs of aging, cancers and additional damaging consequences on the body. Yet, this isn’t the sole source of free radicals. They get into the body through air pollution, smoking, ultraviolet radiation, toxins and stress. Vitamin E may help protect the body from free radical damage that comes from external sources.

What else does vitamin E accomplish? It may help with anemia, sunburn, rheumatoid arthritis and expanded immune function in older folks.

Then what does this imply for the skin? As an antioxidant it may help produce a protective barrier on the skin to prevent damage from the effects of the sun, pollution and additional external sources.

Numerous lotions, creams and makeup contain vitamin E. This can help the skin to assimilate more vitamin E and thus toughen it up for no matter what happens against it. Vitamin E comes in 2 forms, an alcohol form and an acetate form. The alcohol form is stronger in protecting the skin.

Sources of Vitamin E

Not solely do creams and similar beauty products furnish the skin with vitamin E, but it also comes from food sources. As a matter of fact, food sources are the most beneficial since they act from the inside out. The suggested daily allowance is only fifteen mg, but we do not typically get that much.

* Cereal – seek cereals that are fortified. Scan the label to determine if they incorporate vitamin E. This includes oatmeal and cream of wheat.

* Nuts – While nuts are high in fat it’s the sounder fats that the body demands for cellular function. Sample hazelnuts to get a regular dose of vitamin E. Oils created from these nuts and even seeds (such as sunflower seeds) are likewise a good source of vitamin E. Do not forget peanut butter.

* Vegetable oils – Add them to recipes or use them to sauté vegetables in order to get a little vitamin E into your system.

* Leafy greens – They contain not merely vitamin E but also A, C, K and beta-carotene. They’re antioxidant powerhouses that are great for maximizing the health and visual aspect of your skin.

* Tomatoes – These are robust in the antioxidant lycopene but also vitamin E. Try making fresh tomato paste or consuming tomato soup.

Vitamin E helps protect the skin, utilizing it as a moisture barrier but also giving it a defensive barrier against outside damage from sun, pollution and chemicals.

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