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Techniques for Reducing Prostate Medication


Since the days when surgery was the only treatment for an enlarged prostate, medical science has taken giant leaps and developed various prostate medicines that can effectively treat BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Two different types of medicines have been developed to treat BPH that affects the prostate, a small male gland situated between the bowel and bladder.

* Medicines that are meant mainly to cure the urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement. Such medicines do not treat the enlargement nor do they lower the PSA levels in the blood. These are symptomatic remedies that allow you to urinate without much difficulty and reduce the nightly trips to the bathroom.

* Medicines meant to reduce the size of the prostate. These medicines inhibit the production of a hormone that causes the enlargement. These also improve the urinary symptoms over a period of two to three months.

Both categories of drugs are effective for their respective treatments but the treatment is effective only if the medicines are continued for a certain period of time.

Even though the urinary symptoms subside to a large extent, there may be discomfort that is caused by the side effects of the medicines.

These include:

* Inability to retain erection for a successful sexual activity.
* Decreased sexual urge.
* Insufficient semen on ejaculation.

Herbs meant for treating prostate enlargement can reduce the problems associated with an enlarged prostate in many ways. In addition, a watchful wait can be helpful in reducing the dependence upon medication.

Increase Water/Fluid Intake and Try the Following Tips

* Not urinating in a hurry. When you do go to urinate, make sure that you stay there for some time. You may have to relax for a few moments and then try again to ensure that the entire bladder is emptied.

* Avoid anxiety about your symptoms. Anxiety causes the muscles required for free flow of urination to tense up and further block the passages.

* Instead of standing, try sitting on the toilet seat. This allows the muscles to work in a more efficient manner. Also divert your attention by taking along something to read.

* If you are experiencing dribbling make sure that you wash your penis daily to avoid irritation and infection.

* Drink a lot of water during the day.

Accredited urologists can help you better as they are more qualified. They will probably ask you to fill up a questionnaire supplied by the American Urological Association. This questionnaire helps in understanding your condition better and also helps in monitoring the health of your prostate over time.

The dosage of your medicine can be reduced over time based on what you record in the questionnaire or the records. Watchful waiting does not increase your risks of future complications and surgery and in one third of the cases mild symptoms improve on their own without treatment with conventional prostate medicines. The side effects, however, can cause more problems than the enlargement itself.

Prostate Dr. is a natural, safe and effective liquid herbal formula, a unique and proprietary blend of three highly effective herbal remedies combined in therapeutic dosage that will address all the major symptoms of BPH and bring fast relief.

Used regularly, Prostate Dr. will also help prevent recurrent episodes of BPH and Prostate problems, including prostatitis, and will assist in male health maintenance and promote bladder health; promote strong and healthy urine flow; help prevent weak and dribbling urine stream; reduce pain and burning during urination; reduce swollen prostate glands and strengthen the immune system. Created by a clinical psychologist, Prostate Dr. is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

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