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Have you ever had embarrassing noises and movements come from your digestive system after a meal?

It could be that you are sensitive to one or more of the foods that you just ate.

Find out the symptoms of food sensitivities to know if you are suffering from one.

Good FOR You, But Not Good TO You

Even the best efforts to eat well can result in disastrous results. Some people eat broccoli or cauliflower and experience the worst bouts of gas. Others drink milk or eat ice cream and end up cramping horribly for the rest of the evening. It could be one of the symptoms of food sensitivity.

Symptoms of food sensitivity result when your body can’t deal with certain foods. This intolerance doesn’t involve the immune system (like food allergies), but it does leave you feeling quite horrible.

The digestive system views certain levels of these foods as toxic and therefore tries to deal with it and rid the body of these foods as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities are often misdiagnosed if they are diagnosed at all. Because there is not a standard system of testing, a bit of detective work needs to be done.

What you are probably concerned about is the symptoms of food sensitivities. How do you know that you are suffering from a food sensitivity?

Here is a sample listing of some of the most common symptoms of food sensitivities.

Know that it is not comprehensive. These symptoms can be attributed to other conditions that may be occurring at the same time.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Constipation
  • Rash
  • Migraine headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Itching

It is easy to see how many of these symptoms of food sensitivity can be contributed to other conditions. It is for that reason that many food sensitivities are overlooked, resulting in people suffering for months or even years unnecessarily.

A common misconception is that it is bad foods that cause food sensitivities. All foods have the potential to cause a reaction based on its components. Even those foods deemed “healthy” can disagree with your system on some level.

What to Do if You Have Symptoms of Food Sensitivity

If your problems with food seem to be more frequent than usual, see a doctor and have a complete physical. The problem could be related to what your body is not getting as easily as it can be related to getting too much of something.

Keep a log of your symptoms of food sensitivities. This makes it easy to recollect what was going on in your life as well as what you were eating at the time to see if there is any correlation. If your favorite foods are not causing you pain, you can get help in finding out what to do about it.

The symptoms of food sensitivities are common to other conditions as well. Know your symptoms.

Naturally Treat Symptoms of Grain and Gluten Sensitivity

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