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Not only do wholesome, nutrient-dense foods nourish your body and assist the cells develop and reproduce, they also help arm your body’s defenses to ward off assaults from microbes that cause colds.

Low-fat meats, fruits, veggies and whole grains all play a part in preparing your body to do battle.

Another crucial element of your anti-cold defense system is water.  When your body is dehydrated, it’s at an elevated risk of germs latching on and not letting go – so be sure to drink a lot of water and decaffeinated beverages to help your body remain hydrated and ready.

Just one cup of yogurt a day may act to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthier, which can help you ward off colds.  It must be yogurt with live cultures, as this is the key ingredient which helps keep the GI tract ready to rumble.

An added bonus to eating yogurt is that recent studies suggest frequent dairy intake helps you shed extra pounds or maintain a healthy body weight.

Garlic contains allicin, an antibiotic that has been shown to protect against complications from a cold in some research. Garlic can be added to many of your favorite recipes to spice them up and help you suit up to do battle against cold germs.

It’s been said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, so can an orange. One orange a day provides your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. Oranges are also abundant in flavonoids, which aids your body’s cells to renew and stay healthy and strong.

Green bell peppers are the veggie family’s best vitamin C source. Add them to a salad, or simply slice one up and eat it raw.  Flavonoids are also present in peppers.  You may even want to prepare a green pepper dip seasoned with garlic for an added germ-kicking effect.

Lean ground beef, particularly when prepared with a bit of garlic, can maintain cell health and fight off illness. It’s a great source of protein, selenium and zinc, and when enjoyed with a bit of tomato, is a fantastic defense throughout cold season.

Natural Remedies for Cold, Flu Symptoms:

Throat and Tonsil Dr – Homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms of sore throats and inflamed tonsils
Beta Glucan – Natural immune system booster to strengthen immune system health and protect the body against viral and bacterial infections
Mucus-Clear – Homeopathic remedy reduces phlegm and thick mucus plus relieves throat congestion
InstaClear Sinus Relief – Herbal remedy instantly clears sinus congestion
Immu-Stay – Natural supplement boosts the immune system

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