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Strengthening and Protecting Your Aura


Proper diet, exercise, and fresh air are very important. Limit your use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs as they will weaken your aura. Stress, mental disorders, emotional trauma, worry and fear will also weaken your aura.

To strengthen your aura you should get plenty of physical exercise, cleanse the bowels to remove toxins, and meditate. Music can be very helpful in strengthening an aura (especially Gregorian Chants for 10 min. a day). If you wish to listen to something other than the chants try classical or elemental music that you like.

Fragrance is another good way to strengthen your aura. Smudging with sage is highly recommended. Incense and essential oils can help counter disease and illness. Sage and Sweet grass should be used for cleansing and balancing and frankincense for cleansing and protection.

Quartz Crystals at least 1 inch work well to strengthen your aura. Double terminated Quartz (point out of both ends) should be carried in one’s pocket for maximum protection

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