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Stones and crystals have been used for thousands of years to help heal many ailments. But their healing power isn’t limited to physical discomfort, disease or disorders!

Crystal healing can also be used very effectively for improved mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Read our article on Stone Correspondences for even more information on using crystals for healing.

Here are some of the most popular and effective crystals and their healing properties:

Agate: This stone is made of tiny flecks of quartz in ribbons. It is waxy and soft and always translucent. It helps to build self-confidence. Also, it helps with left and right brain balance.

Amazonite: This stone is representative of prosperity. It helps to open the heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras. It increases your self-esteem and helps you to communicate better.

Amber: Clear or orange petrified tree sap is the charm of this stone. It helps in past life work. The stone gives the person mental acuity, confidence, and a balance in their thinking. It can help with depression and bringing forth a positive attitude.

Amethyst: This stone is for dream recall. It can help enhance psychic abilities. It reduces nightmares when worn at bedtime. It is considered the master healing stone.

Aquamarine: This beautiful stone has the calming energy of the sea. It can be used for protection when traveling, particularly if you will be on water. It helps to clear blocked communication and assists in verbal wording.

Beryl: This stone helps in filtering out distractions, relieving some stress, and can help to bring peace to your mind. Most times, these stones are used for harmony and balance.

Bloodstone: So named because this stone was at the foot of the cross where Jesus’ blood dropped on it. It is used for calming and tranquility. It attracts good luck and is correlated to honesty and integrity.

Calcite: This crystal comes in many vibrant colors. It is used with the joints, cleansing the organs, and helping with memory. This stone will keep you anchored and help you feel comfortable no matter where you may be.

Citrine: A versatile stone, this one is mostly used for mental and emotional clarity and memory issues. It never has to be cleansed of negative energy, because these stones are quite positive. Most importantly, it can help us rid those negative feelings and assist us in accepting events the way they are.

Diamond: Ignore the monetary value and look at its properties. With other stones such as aquamarine, it can actually boost t stone’s power. Some say that the blue inside the color spectrum of the stone can actually help with glaucoma. It was used as a detoxing stone in ancient times.

Dioptase: A deep blue-green crystal, it helps the heart chakra release negativity and heal itself. It promotes sincerity and emotional balance and its healing can go deep into the earth.

Emerald: A symbol of love and good luck, this stone is used for harmony and peace. It also helps with depression and insomnia. Fluorite: This stone has every color of the rainbow, usually translucent in appearance. It is used as a balancing stone. The stone is also used to heighten psychic ability and spiritual connections.

Garnet: Ranging in a multitude of colors, this stone heightens creativity and helps with the circulatory system. The brighter the stone is, the better it will work for you. It is used for help with exhaustion, strengthening blood, hormone balance, and fertility. It also helps us open up to others.

Geodes: These are rock like on the outside and contain a crystalline structure on the inside. They usually contain forms of quartz, amethyst, and citrine. It helps with pursuits of math and assists in the decision making process.

 Gold: This is an all purpose type of gem. If placed in the sunlight for a time, it will become positively charged. It can help with degenerative diseases and chemical imbalances. It imparts an assertive energy to the wearer.

Hematite: This shiny stone is used for grounding and encourages survival instincts. It also helps to enhance memory, give mental clarity, and give the wearer a sound sleep. It deflects negativity and restores balance. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for hysteria and anxiety.

Iolite: This stone is a bluish lavender color. It represents truth, peace, and living at a higher awareness level. It is one of the best stones to use in psychic healing and spiritual activities. It can help open your psychic abilities and expand upon them> It is mostly used for meditation and astral travel.

Ivory: Use this stone ONLY if you are drawn to it as it comes from elephants and walruses. It is used in the ailments of bones and joints. It will help make you become more in tune with animals and nature.

Jade: This stone is used for health and wealth. It sends out a gentle, steady healing energy. It comes in a variety of colors and can be used on the chakra that corresponds with its color. This stone can help mellow your existence and rid you of negativity. It is a very protective stone.

Jasper: This stone will work for practical solutions in your life. Its energy is used for grounding and protection. Jasper comes in a rainbow of colors. Native Americans used Jasper to help them connect to the spirit world and protect them while the traveled.

Kyanite: Used for grounding and tranquility, this stone comes in several colors. It is used for visualization, dream interpretation, and meditation. It is also said if this stone is carried around in the pocket for a time, it will align all the chakras back to where they are supposed to be.

Labradorite: Usually a metallic iridescent stone, it helps the wearer to share their strengths with the people around them by helping them to relate better to others. Don’t clean this one with salt.

Lapis Lazuli: This beautiful stone comes in many hues of blue. It will help to organize and quiet the mind. It gives us total awareness and insight into our dreams. It

Malachite: This stone has a steady flow of electromagnetic energy. It is used in healing and can clean the auric field by absorbing negativity. Place in all four corners of a room to cleanse of toxins. The stone must be cleansed daily. It will also help to amplify the positivity in your life, so use when you are feeling down or depressed.

Meteorite: A solid brown to black mottled stone, it helps with greater awareness of your surroundings. These stones are in tune wit the cosmos’ energies and can help raise our own energies to a higher level.

Moonstone: This stone comes in a variety of colors. It honors the Goddess in all women and also aids in dieting, meditation, and Psychic awareness. It can help give us greater flexibility and calmness in our lives.

Nephrite: This stone has creamy type colors. It has a steady energy and helps to mellow one’s existence. It can also assist the wearer in ridding themselves of negativity. It is a protective stone and helps the body filter out any toxins.

Obsidian: This stone is formed when hot lava is poured into water. It has a strong grounding property and reduces the need for escape from life. It help to dissolve anger and fear and converts it t flexibility.

Onyx: This stone helps to balance and ground the wearer. It is used for centering the person to connect with higher powers. It can help to banish grief and enhance self control. It also brings balance to the body and good for people under mental and emotional stress.

Opal: This sparkling stone amplifies feelings or buried emotions. It gives us the ability to be more spontaneous. It is a very fragile stone and will crack in the sun. It can also help to balance the left and right brain.

Pearl: These stones are symbolic of a pure heart and innocence. It is used in balancing the emotions. It is a very nurturing stone, but it will hold negativity until it can be cleansed. They help to stabilize the mind and stimulate the heart. It is also said pearl powder can be used on the skin like a skin cream for wonderful effects.

Peridot: This stone is a visionary stone and is used for health and wealth. It assists us in connecting to our destinies and in understanding the purpose of our existence. It can help the body release toxins and with mental cleansing.

Petrified Wood: It is said to help the skin and muscle tissue. This stone helps you become more aware of all things in nature. It also can assist the wearer to connect with past life experiences and issues and bring them to light so they can be dealt with in this life.

Quartz: There are so many different kinds of Quartz and in a rainbow of colors. It is known as the most versatile healing stone. It is used for harmony and sending guidance to others. The stone is also used in balancing the Aura. Rose Quartz is said to amplify the love of life to others from the wearer.

Rhodonite: Tis is called the stone of love. It calms the heart and helps with grounding and balancing. It will allow us to focus on tasks and gets rid of confusion. It can also help in spiritual healing and communication.

Ruby: This deep red stone helps with blood sugar levels and re-energizing after going to exhaustion. It will amplify the wearer’s positive and negative energies, so be careful. It can also bring anger to the surface very fast. The stone will help with healing and enhances the psychic ability and insight.

Sapphire: A dark blue stone, it helps in communication, insight, and intuition. It is most strongest when placed next to the skin. It helps to lessen tension and align the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Black Sapphires are the most protective.

Selenite: This is a type of gypsum stone with white striated crystals. It is used to work against the effects of cancer and helps to stabilize people that have epileptic episodes. The wearer must visualize the warm light bringing energy and healing to them. It may also help with issues of letting go.

Silver: This shiny stone can help wit issues of mental and emotional cleansing. It helps by giving a balance to your emotions. The stone is good for those with diminished memory and irrational fears. It is a less assertive stone than most others.

Sodalite: This crystal is recognized for its healing and meditation powers. It can help the wearer express themselves better due to the connection with the Throat chakra. It can assist you in being more objective and less critical of others and everyday happenings.

Tanzanite: This is a rare blue violet stone. It is a stone of magic that accentuates spiritual awareness and insight. It is also used in relieving depression. So named because it was found in Tanzania, this gorgeous stone helps to dispel negativity.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone is widely recognized an is used for money, courage, and luck. It amplifies thinking and helps you to bring your ideas to reality. It is used for centering and grounding and helps us recognize our strengths and weaknesses. It was known as he true balancer of Yin and Yang in ancient China.

Zircon: This stone comes in all colors, but is a clear crystal most of he time. It helps the wearer to see universal truths and have a connection with all that is. It helps to relieve depression and insomnia. It also was used back in history as a poison detoxifier.


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