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Space Cleansing: Ridding Your Home of Negative Energy

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Space Cleansing: Ridding Your Home of Negative EnergySometimes a house or office can feel uncomfortable, and there’s no real reason you can put your finger on to explain your uneasy feeling. Other times, it’s easy: someone has been there that was negative, ill or died.

Homes and spaces often take on the energy of the previous occupants as well. There may be instances when you moved into a space and just felt like someone else was there, or the space just didn’t feel right – it’s because of lingering negative energy.

If this sounds familiar, just remember you are not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable in spaces and can’t explain why. The “why” is not important, however; what is important is that you find a way to make your space feel more comfortable so you can feel more at ease. A first step would be to perform a space cleansing.

Unlike “space clearing,” space cleansing doesn’t rely on getting rid of clutter. However, if you have a bunch of old items and junk from previous residents or others, it is possible that some of the energy is coming from these old items. If that’s the case, then you should definitely take some of these things to the trash.

What’s more, if you have had a spate of bad luck and find that life has just been a constant struggle, it’s possible that you have some negative energies hanging around that are making your house yin – or negative in energy.

This is another good instance when it might be a good idea to do a space cleansing. Space cleansing will help you feel more comfortable in your home or office, and let you move on in your space comfortably and in a positive state of mind.

Space Cleansing: Ridding Your Home of Negative EnergyWhy bother? Because negative energy gathers and compounds to create MORE negative energy. That’s why it’s important to handle negative energy by ridding your home of negative energy when you feel like your space isn’t quite right.

To ignore it is to allow more negative energy to build, and this can impact your health, your career and your finances, and even cause depression.

Regardless of why you feel the way you do, if your space doesn’t feel quite right, here are some space cleansing tips to help you clear out the negative energy in your house and invite good energy back inside!

STEP 1. Clear stale energies from the house.

If you have recently moved, you might be feeling some residual energy from past residents. If that’s the case, then consider using this technique: open everything that is closed. In short, you should open all doors, all windows, all cabinets, all boxes, anything that is closed should be open.

Then, walking from the front door in a clockwise pattern, circle each room and go into the next while ringing a bell. Be sure to ring the bell in the corners of rooms and in closets where negative energy can remain trapped. You may want to proceed through the other five steps before closing everything up again.

STEP 2. Use salt to cleanse an area.

Another tip is to use salt to remove negative energies. You can wipe the walls with salt or sprinkle salt into the corners of the room. Be sure to sweep up the salt and throw it into the trash outside of your house.

STEP 3. Feed your ghosts rice.

If you feel extreme negative energy, you can also try sprinkling rice around the perimeter of your home, beginning at the front door and walking in a clockwise fashion until you come to the door again. The rice will draw the energy outside and away from the interior of your home. This is a terrific method of ridding your home of negative energy and space cleansing.

STEP 4. Scent the air to clear out negative energies.

Space Cleansing: Ridding Your Home of Negative EnergyUse smoke from incense or from herbs, such as lavender for transcending problems, eucalyptus for healing, or mint for prosperity.

Here is our article on the best herbs for cleansing and clearing.

The scents of incense or herbal essential oils are all excellent ways to introduce beneficial energy and remove negative energies.

Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – StarWest Botanicals!

STEP 5. Use light and sound.

Light and sound are two very effective “yang” treatments that help to dispel  and remove negative energies. Tinkling wind chimes and bright crystal rainbows or lit chandeliers are both excellent ways to introduce beneficial – and cleansing – energy to your space.

If you have done all five steps, it’s time to close up all the doors, windows, cabinets, and drawers, and then proceed to Step 6.

STEP 6. Take a salt bath yourself.

In the process of space cleansing your home, it might be a good idea to cleanse yourself as well. It is possible that you are bringing negative energy home from work or from the outside world. Soak in a tub with sea salt or make your own sea salt scrub and wash your body in the shower with salt.

Salt will purify you and remove negative energies from your body. This is especially helpful if you work in a hostile or gossipy environment, and will help you clear negative energy from your body.

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We offer a wide range of comprehensive holistic health courses at affordable prices. Take a minute to read our FAQ and our Testimonials – you’ll be glad you did! The Alternative Healing Academy even offers payment plans! You are also welcome to contact us with any questions.

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16 Responses to Space Cleansing: Ridding Your Home of Negative Energy

  1. jas July 20, 2008 at 2:03 am #

    Hi,my brother had developed some inferiority complex after 1984 riots being a sikh. Then we showed him to some psychotherapist and she gave medicines for his negative approaches and his anger. These doese seems to have been sometimes high which resulted in his physical disorder his chest, his teeth got weakened. he developed many bad habits like eating heavily, washing hands many times, collecting waste material in his room. not meeting people afraid what might they think of him, his body and make fun of him. first he used to work but would always fight over petty things. then we asked him to be at home. he has been like that since 5 yrs, no work. takes medicines and watches tv etc. could not even get him married. parents demise made him all alone. he knows about his fears, his problems but says he cant help it. He wants to do heck o0f ideas to make them practical he wont move outside. hes been jealous of me. please help anyone. will hypnotherapy work or any other therapy. what to do.

  2. person November 20, 2008 at 2:34 am #

    first remove the television and other unnecessary electronics like the computer this will change the energy in a place, the stuff above, rice? i don’t believe rice and salt will rid a space or human being or negative energy. sound and smell however i do agree will impact a space and person. Electronics put out waves both audible and silent which disrupt energy flow and electromagnetic field. i would also include some sort of chanting of your choice based upon the energy level the sound the chant makes connects to and heightens. Diet: natural healthful foods, vitamins and minerals (noni and aloe juice to start and green tea), possibly hypnotherapy and acupuncture, exercise beginning with short walks outside any exercise out doors will probably be more helpful. spiritual connection and spiritual people, philosophy, reading uplifting books (try Veronika Decides to Die), children, dogs, fish tank, yoga, herbal infusions(read natural healing book), live plants (remove any fake ones), placing things to remove corners in rooms, colors in a place (paint depending on color research which you can find on the internet, keep windows open, more natural lighting, suggest writing, check in each day with this person to see how they are-just let the person talk-this could help you as well, do NOT let their illness bog you down if you plan on helping you must be strong not only for yourself but for him as well, give love, be present hug. mostly remove the television-no one goes outside if they are watching tv all day, we need the sun for survival. maybe this person should consider moving to another location as well, somewhere warm and bright where the people are active, energy is contagious. do not give pity,this enables negative behavior give love but not pity….

  3. SKEPTICAL January 4, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Hi, I feel like I have really bad energies in my home. I don’t practice any witchcraft. I feel depressed like I just want to be at home, I am often sad and with no energy. I go to school part-time and have children. I know I get worn out from all the activity but I feel like there is something more. I have had extremely bad luck, about two months ago my house was broken into, and about one month on the 7th my truck was stolen. I wonder if someone has put a hex on me or if its just life. I am going to try these remedies and see if i improve. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • ChloeW September 20, 2015 at 11:27 pm #

      That could be the karma you built up in the past, either by your deeds or thoughts, even in past lives that have caused others pains and sorrows so that you need to be put in their positions to feel the pains and sorrows yourself to learn from it. You have to let them all out as you can never escape from what you have done yourself.

      Take it as a lesson to make you to learn to be a much better person from now on to not ever do any harms to anyone, including yourself, and pledge to be the best you can be. Take care of your responsibility without any complaints that will make everything pass easily. If you resist, they will come back to haunt you again and again. So be happy and glad that you have a chance to take the consequences of your own deeds.

      Whatever you do right now determines your future. So your future is entirely in your hands. Purify yourself constantly that is the only thing that you can and should do. That requires you to work on the self to have positive thoughts, words and deeds at all times (be careful of negative energy from others as well by not focusing on them. Whatever you focus on will be attracted to you. So focus on the positive only.) Then, you’ll see that only you yourself can determine your own life.

  4. Jo January 17, 2010 at 3:37 pm #

    We moved into an apt while remodeling a home and ever since, the arguments between my husband and I have been so bad and so often (no violence or anything like that). I feel gloom the second I walk in. I have heard “sage” is good for neg. energy – Is this true?

    Thank you for the other tips, I will try them!

  5. lizette February 18, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    since my little girl was born 2yrs ago she has been having alot of health problems including surgery. Me and my boyfriend which is her father of my little girl we have been arging for little petty things and we always seem to argue about his ex girlfriend. i am loosing my hair,always tired,my body feels drained out everyday including him. This has been going on since 2008. I have headaches everyday and my upper back feels like i have a load of something really heavy on me. I need to know what is wrong and how can i stop all of this??

  6. Kim@Salt Lamp Himalayan April 16, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    You are correct about using such feng shui principles as clearing up clutter to make an environment promote wellness by removing negative energy. Another excellent way we have found to help in a similar way is with Himalayan salt lamps. When they warm up, they send negative ions into the environment, which counteracts the harmful effects of radiation out of computers and other electronics. They also help remove pollen and dust from the air.
    .-= Kim@Salt Lamp Himalayan´s last blog ..Salt Lamps Himalayan and Feng Shui =-.

  7. Cyn July 21, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    I moved into a townhome 2 years ago. Ever since than i lost my job. I feel depressed. My house feels heavy. My 6 year olds behavior has been horrible to the point where i feel like i am losing my mind. I felt negative energy since i moved in. I used church incense in every corner of the home to cleanse the negative energy. I just found out today that the old tenants were a married couple with 2 kids. The husband would beat his wife and lock her in a closet. He would argue with all the other tenants. I want to move, I do believe other people negative energy lingers. I just do not know how to remove it. I will try the bell and opening all closed things. Any other suggestions please let me know.

  8. James August 2, 2010 at 2:43 am #

    Another good tip for dealing with negative energy is to use crystals.

    I find Black Agate (black coloured with rings) is a powerful stone that will absorb negative energy. It may be worth carrying such a stone in your pocket and placing throughout your home.

    Also read up on cleansing crystals, as Black Agate will require regular cleansing.

  9. eedRawrKitty October 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

    I moved to California and in to my Girlfriend and her families house about a year ago. The house has been in there family over 50years. Since I got here there’s always been a heavy feeling in her room i just ignored it but now it seems to have gotten worse. Just being in the room will put us in a negative mood and cause us to fight and argue we leave the room and we wonder why we were even fighting in the 1st place. I don’t normally believe that ghost go around haunting people but her family has had sightings in the house and weird stuff going on especially in our room. I’ve had some unusual experiences my self, such as i saw a dark shadow man dressed in 50’s attire standing by the door and another time i was alone in the room where i heard plan as day a child’s voice whisper my name. I kinda stood up in shock looking around cause I knew i was alone. I’m not schizophrenic or anything I myself prob wouldn’t believe someone if the told me that.. I still have a hard time believing in ghost but i guess i do believe that everything, objects, walls, houses, people can hold some sort of energy that can be either negative or positive. Last night how ever at 3:30am we where asleep and we have a little mini-pin dog that sleeps at the foot of our bed he wakes us up barking and growling at the closet freaking out so much he pee’s all over the bed which he NEVER does. We couldn’t calm him down he was so afraid of something. We’ve never seen him like that. I didn’t mind so much that there is or might be something in the room but now if its scaring our dog i need to do something about it. Cause if it gets worse I fear for our dog and there also small children that live in the house. I’m unsure of what to do but I’m going to try the 5 steps. I hope it will help. I’m open to ideas if anyone has any. -Kitty

  10. Sarah October 26, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    I just moved into a house with my new boyfriend and all of this sounds so familiar. He has been raising his two kids for the past ten years and they just moved to California. I HATE this house, I have never felt this uncomfortable in my entire life and I have moved and lived with a lot of people. I feel suffocated and watched most of the time it is the most omnipresent in the bedroom which I just found out that used to be a garage, so I am wondering if there is some cause besides his innate sense of Depression. Like a Zombie of sorts I am totally freaked! 

  11. pushpa February 13, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Dear Dee Braun,YOu have really healped me mentally Because I have a own house & my husband has made loans & bringing in lot of negative energy I feel so un comfortable to stay my life is miserable I will try ur methods thank you.  

  12. Rajendra June 27, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    When I just imagine, Negative Energy strongly developed. IT is BAD 4 me, But in some conditions I find it USEFUL 2 him/her WHO is in presence with me as PEOPLE surrounds HIM/HER r attracted 2 to pay attensions towards him/her. He/Her is more beloved by others. HE/HER got INFLUENCE on others.

  13. Tommy January 11, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    2-3 months ago I started feeling a negative influence in the smaller bathroom (we have 2)and today I witnessed a latch twisting and my computer’s lock indicators went crazy!They were all lit but not properly for like 5 seconds or so and I got freaked out!But there’s MORE!All this time,when I was alone I felt something watching me and I had mixed feelings and when I approached that bathroom so I was afraid,angry and depressed.I’ve watched many cases like that on TV and usually these stuff even worsened the situation.Plz tell me what to do cuz I am afraid using these me11/1/201210:29 PM

  14. tishi February 2, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    I have been living in my home for almost 9 months and I feel everything that the previous people have said… My ex fiancee used to live in this home for about 5 years and I know that he was definitely messing around with negative sources. Lets just say he left a lot of negative energy here. I have dealt with depression on and off my entire life but it seems the day i moved in here i havent been the same… I hate it here so badly. Ive tried to decorate, buy lamps, burn oils, candles, had my sister come over and sage the place and chant… ive prayed and no matter what the feeling wont go away. Everyone that lives here says the same thing… And when you go to sleep its so hard to wake up the next day. Like everyone that stays here even guests can sleep for 12 hours or longer. I am taking antidepressants and I am trying to feel better but no matter what i cant get rid of this feeling that this place is negative and harming me in a mental way. I also and my family and previous family and guests have heard strange noises constantly, things being moved around, lights and water turning on and off and just pure dread…. and doom… at times… what do i do? move? please help if anyone has any suggestions… i cant take it any longer… thanx

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