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Sound Vibrations Can Heal

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Sound is all around us in every moment of our life, sound affects us, even the lack of sound has its effect upon us.

Thoughts and emotions arise from sound, the sound of music from our CD players, the sound of our children playing, the sounds of the traffic noise, the sound of birds, etc.

While most of us give little thought to sound vibration and its effects upon us and our environment, ancient wisdom, and modern sound vibration research shows the tremendous power sound has on causing negative emotions, or damage to our environment, sound can also calm us, and heal us.

Sound is vibration and it travels through water 5 times faster thru air, and since humans are almost 80 percent water, we feel vibrations easily. Every cell in our body has a vibrational frequency, each chakra has it own frequency, each person has their own core vibrational sound. When our bodies resonate with human made frequencies, it is more difficult to remain balanced and in a natural state of harmonics.

Certain sound vibrations enhance cell function, balance the chakras, and others cause disruption in the harmonic field of the body which can lead to illness. While sound vibrations have been used to increase health, healing and spiritual awakening for thousands of years, our modern world has just begun to realize its transformative effects.

For centuries Tibetan monks have used, chanting, gongs and other instruments to raise their vibratory frequencies. The ancient Yogis, have used the core sound of the soul to harmonize the body and awaken the consciousness of the person.

Culturally, we are only now reawakening to the power of sound vibration, and its power to restore inner balance and connect us deeper with our soul essence. With the uniting of ancient wisdom, and modern scientific studies of sound vibrations. We can finally focus on positive energetic re-patterning with the intention for healing specific aliments.

Energy can be moved, balanced by sound vibration using calibrated tuning forks, shamanic drumming,and vibrational yoga therapy to name a few. Using sound vibrational therapies offers the client benefits such as profound relaxation, increased awareness, a deeper connection to your core essence, lower blood pressure, increased vitality, and immune system support.

Sound vibrations as a healing tool, is a versatile method for maintaining health or to assist in spiritual awakening. By using sound healing, sound therapy, and vibrational yoga one can maintain a balanced healthy life, that is filled with love, joy, and happiness.

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About the author

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and healer. For more information visit the web site:

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