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Sore Throat: Natural Ways to Help Heal a Throat Infection


Sore Throat: Natural Ways to Help Heal a Throat Infection

You can do several things, right at home, to help ease a sore throat.

Infection is by far the most common reason why people get sore throats. They are usually caused by either tonsillitis or pharyngitis.

Symptoms that often come along with a sore throat are redness, swelling, high fever, trouble swallowing and pain in the ear.

Children are more likely to suffer with sore throats than adults because they are around contagions more at school and child care.

No time of year is a good one to be a kid and winter is worst of all because the flu and colds are more frequent.

Diagnosing a Sore Throat

Most people tend to diagnose sore throats on their own.

If it does not go away at the end of 7 days or comes with a high fever and purging then you should give your doctor a call right away. You need to be diagnosed by a professional, in this case.

Sore throats can be associated with too many medical conditions to attempt to list them all here. They can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Ninety five percent of the time they are caused by viruses, infectious mononucleosis or a cold.

Bacterial Causes of Sore Throat

The remaining five percent of the cases are bacteria driven. The culprits include streptococcus, hemophilus and mycoplasma. These types of infections are usually worse than those caused by viruses.

One of the most common types of bacterial throat infections is strep throat, or A Streptococcus. Not only is this bacterium bad for your throat but it can cause damage to your kidneys, heart, tonsils and ears.

Throat infections are almost always highly contagious. They pass from person to person in the form of airborne drops, through direct contact and from sharing objects with an infected person.

Environmental Causes of Sore Throat

Things in our environment and things that we consume can also lead to a sore throat.

Smoking, drinking vast quantities of alcohol, inhaling second hand smoke and breathing in fumes from certain chemicals can all lead to problems.

Treating a Sore Throat

You can do several things, right at home, to help ease your body of this common problem. It is important to drink a lot of fluids such as water with lemon or green tea sweetened with honey. A daily gargle of warm salt water is also extremely beneficial.

There are also OTC (Over The Counter) medications that work well including paracetamol, antiseptic gargles and ibuprofen. Be aware that some of these have side effects.

Throat and Tonsil Dr. is a natural, safe, effective herbal and homeopathic remedy with ingredients especially chosen for their ability to treat all the major symptoms of throat infections, including strep throat and tonsillitis. It may be used either at the very first signs of infection to prevent throat and tonsil infections.

Throat and Tonsil Dr. is effective treatment for Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis and all Throat and Tonsil Infections. Stops throat and tonsil infections in their tracks! Safe for all ages!  Formulated by a clinical psychologist, Throat and Tonsil Dr. is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

More serious cases often require a stronger prescription from the doctor. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed and should be taken on time until the entire prescription is gone. Be aware that these also kill off the good bacteria in the body and should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

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  1. Engress November 11, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    I think maybe I had all my sore throats as a kid. I rarely get sick anymore but was sick every other week when I was young. I was constantly dealing with sore throats, strep throat and ear infections. Maybe my immune system is strong now because of this. Watch! Now I’ll get sick next week and have not been sick in fifteen years. Knock on wood! Engress

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