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Signs that You are at Risk for Heart Disease


Signs that You are at Risk for Heart DiseaseSince more than 40% of the deaths in the United States are caused by heart disease, then there is a very real chance that you or someone you love could be affected.

The good news is that this leading cause of death can be prevented.

Learn the signs and reduce your risk and the risk of your loved ones for developing heart disease.

Smokers Beware

Smoking is the single biggest risk factor that you can control. A person that smokes is at a much greater risk for developing heart disease. In fact, as few as two cigarettes a day increases your risk and second hand smoke isn’t any better for you.

Smoking exposes your lungs to carbon monoxide, which depletes the oxygen in your blood and causes plaques to build up in your arteries. This plaque not only results in clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and an overworked heart, it also causes strokes.

Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

If you have diabetes or your doctor has told you that you’re pre-diabetic then you’re automatically at a higher risk for heart disease. Both diabetes and prediabetes mean that your insulin response isn’t working as it should be.

It’s not telling your body to use the sugar in your blood for fuel. This means that your blood glucose levels stay high. This causes inflammation in your arteries and plaques to build up.

Because estrogen provides some protection from plaque buildups, postmenopausal and menopausal women with diabetes or pre-diabetes are at an even higher risk for heart disease.

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

People who are overweight and/or inactive have a significantly higher risk of developing and dying from heart disease. The heart has a much bigger job to do when a person is overweight.

Additionally, because obesity is often caused by a diet that is high in fats and sugars, plaques develop on arterial walls which also causes the heart to work harder. Metabolic syndrome is caused by inactivity, high blood pressure, a high fat and high sugar diet amongst other things.

Eating a healthier diet and getting regular physical activity can reverse both obesity and metabolic syndrome and thus eliminate or significantly reduce your risk of heart disease.

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, birth control pills and diet and exercise are all factors that also contribute to your risk of heart disease.

Simple lifestyle changes can make a significant difference in your heart health. Talk to your doctor to evaluate and reduce your risks.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Cardio-Klenz contains ingredients that affect different aspects of cardiovascular health, including arterial integrity, blood health, heart muscle strength and better blood flow.

Additionally, the ingredients in Cardio-Klenz overlap their abilities, to enhance one another’s effects, increasing long-term heart health and protection against degenerative disease.

Cardio-Klenz is the only natural supplement that we are aware of which utilizes enteric coating technology to safely release the active ingredients in the stomach.

This delivery method not only protects the enzymes such as Nattokinase but also greatly enhances the efficacy of other ingredients present such as Resveratrol and L-Glutathione.

No other formula covers so many ‘angles’ to manage and protect your cardiovascular system, and yet Cardio-Klenz is still natural with no known side effects.

Learn more about Cardio-Klenz now.
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