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It’s not Halloween until you’ve stuck your hands into a pumpkin to pull out all the guts to carve your jack-o-lantern.  Now you’ve got all those pumpkin seeds sitting there.  Don’t just toss them in the trash!  Roast them for a nice evening treat.

And did you know that pumpkin seeds are incredibly healthy for you? No? Then read this article: Top 11 Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds


Rinse pumpkin seeds under cold water and try to get off all the pulp strings.  Spray a baking sheet with non stick spray, or oil it down with your favorite cooking oil.  Sprinkle with salt to taste, you might find yourself using a little more salt than usual.  Bake at 325 degrees F until toasted for 15 minutes.  STIR and flip.

Bake at 325 degrees F until toasted for another 15 minutes.  Let them cool off completely before eating them.  You don’t want a burnt tongue.  Store in an air tight container or Ziploc bag.

Optional:  If you’d like you can soak your pumpkin seeds overnight in salt water for a more salty flavor and an easier to eat seed.  It doesn’t make a huge difference in the result, but some people prefer doing it that way.


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Dee Braun

Dee is an Adv. Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Adv. Color/Crystal Therapist, Herbalist, Dr. of Reflexology and single mom who is dedicated to helping others any way she can.

One way she chooses to help is by offering information on the benefits and uses of natural health and healing methods for the well-being of both people and pets.