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Relieving the Pain of Tendonitis

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Relieving the Pain of TendonitisIndividuals who are very active are at risk for tendonitis especially if they perform repetitive tasks. Computer users, athletes, golfers and tennis players are all prime candidates for tendonitis.

Tendonitis occurs when the tendon suffers a small tear or becomes irritated and inflamed. A doctor can diagnose tendonitis through a medical history, and physical exam.

Sometimes the doctor will perform tests such as imaging or blood tests to rule out other medical conditions before making the diagnosis. A physical exam is sometimes all that is needed in order to make the diagnosis of tendonitis.

Once the diagnosis is made a treatment plan can be devised that will help to alleviate the pain, tenderness and inflammation associated with tendonitis. The pain is especially bothersome and individuals with tendonitis have several options available for pain relief.

Immediately upon the injury occurrence the individual will likely be in acute pain. Immediately stop the activity that caused the pain. The individual should avoid this activity for a minimum of three weeks in order to rest the joint.

If it is not possible to avoid the activity such as when using the computer is the cause of the tendonitis and you need to use the computer in order to earn a living, then you will need to take as much time off as possible in the beginning and then when you return to the activity, use support to the area as much as possible (wrap with ace bandage).

As soon as possible you will want to receive pain relief and the quickest relief will be the RICE method, which is rest, ice, compression and elevation of the affected part. This is something the individual can do at home to bring some relief as soon as possible. Wrap an ice pack around the affected body part (ankle, arm, shoulder, or groin. The pain should lessen within a half hour.

Believe it or not weight training can help to prevent tendonitis in the future and is thus a source of future pain prevention. Weightlifting will help to increase muscle mass. Ten to twenty repetitions are all you need to do. Make sure you do some gentle stretches before and after the weight lifting. The weightlifting should involve the injured part. Hand weights should be used if the tendonitis has occurred in your arm.

Another way to avoid future tendonitis is to take frequent breaks especially if the cause of your tendonitis is work-related.

Tendonitis while not a serious injury can be very painful and it can become chronic if you do not take care of it properly. The tendon does need to heal and the inflammation reduced.

If you follow basic treatment plans such as RICE, avoiding the activity that caused the tendonitis, stretching and weight lifting after the injury has healed and trying your best to prevent future tendonitis you should reduce your pain now and in the future.

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