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Relating to Your Doctor When You Have Fibromyalgia


Relating to Your Doctor When You Have FibromyalgiaThe journey you take when you have fibromyalgia is filled with new faces, new treatments and many questions.

You will come to know your medical team closely because you will need to schedule many routine appointments, as they will be monitoring your progress as you learn how to cope with fibromyalgia and how to manage the symptoms you have.

Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions that do not stay the same but change with time. Your symptoms will change and so will your need for medical intervention. You will see your doctor and other specialists as well so getting to know new medical faces will become routine with you over the years.

It is important that you trust your core medical team. The core medical team will consist of your doctor, a rheumatoid specialist, physical therapist or occupational therapists, and other health care professionals such as a registered dietician or nutritionist.

Stay Informed:

It will be up to you to soak in as much information as you can about your condition, fibromyalgia. The more informed you are the better prepared you will be when it comes to handling your symptoms. Make sure you ask your doctor about new treatments, new research and new medications.

You and your doctor should be having an ongoing conversation about all the hot topics currently happening in the world of fibromyalgia. Your doctor will probably ask you to keep a journal that details your symptoms and the corresponding treatment for each symptom as well as recorded results for how you respond to those treatments. This information will be helpful for future treatments.

Keep Vital Information Current:

Make sure your contact information and medical history information sheet is kept current with your doctor including any medications or therapies that other medical team members put you on so that your primary doctor is aware of any treatments you are currently taking.

Be Ready for Doctor Appointments:

Come prepared to each doctor visit by bringing any questions you have, comments about treatments, and any medications that you are taking that may have changed since your last visit.

Give your doctor a new list of all your current symptoms that include physical, mental and emotional symptoms so that your doctor can have a complete picture of how your condition is doing and how well your treatment plan is working and what if anything needs to be done to make your treatment plan the best it can be.

Make sure that you keep your doctor abreast of any changes in your treatment plan including any alternative therapies that you are currently doing or are thinking of trying. Make sure you have a description of any medication adverse reactions or side effects that you have experienced since your last visit.

Give a detailed description of any medical visits you have had since seeing your doctor last just in case a report has not officially been received yet.

Make sure that you report in detail any new symptoms you have experienced since your last visit. Especially describe how these symptoms impact your life so that the doctor can make any necessary additions or adjustments to your treatment plan.

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  1. Relating to Your Doctor When You Have Fibromyal... - February 20, 2014

    […] The journey you take when you have fibromyalgia is filled with new faces, new treatments and many questions. You will come to know your medical team closely because you will need to schedule many routine appointments, as they will be monitoring your progress as you learn how to cope with… […]

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